Totally Bananas

More Exams

I have neglected this blog to the fullest extend of the word neglect.  That movie that I referenced in the last post was so nearly 2 whole classes ago, and it still bothers me to my very core.  But enough of that….

Do you remember wayyyyyy back in June or July when I was up to my eyelids studying for that all consuming math exam for my state teaching license??  Well, I passed, YAY!!   It’s a little overdue, but I thought I’d share anyway.  And now here I am staring down the barrel at 2 more exams coming up in 2 VERY very short weeks.  One on reading instruction and the other on comprehension and writing.  I had only scheduled one exam but then I thought “eh, bring it on, I can handle one more”.  Smart of me, eh!  So now I have a date every night with 2 study guides, I have named them Tom and Brad – don’t tell my husband.

I’m currently taking a class on curriculum development, and am not really taking away everything I had hoped I would have from it.  It’s leaving more holes in my confidence than it is filling.  Oh well, I think this may end up being a ‘trial by fire’ experience anyway.  I’m sure it will all work out, and I’ll be just fine, but right now the end seems so near, and I don’t feel nearly as prepared as I’d like.

well off to study, just thought I’d check in with an update.



I Might Cross A Line Here…

I’m not sure if anyone reads this, but I’m probably likely to offend someone if they do.  So just a recap, I’m currently going to college full time to become an Elementary school teacher.  I’m in my second and FINAL (did you see that?) year, and will student teach next fall.  I’m currently taking a World History class and really need to unload about something.

I’m usually pretty lighthearted, and really am the eternal optimist.  When God closes a door, he opens a window type mentality ~ except in my case, he only leaves the window open enough to the get front half of my body through and I’m left hanging half out of the window… but that’s neither here nor there.  So needless to say, in order for me to get all serious.

To the point already…. In my history class, were were discussing the origins of different religions.  And I don’t think I live in an isolated bubble, but do you have ANY clue as to how women are treated in different places in the world??  I’m not about to name names, at the risk of having some crazy mob seek me out, but I’m shocked.  We thought slavery was a dead issue – it may be, but some religions and governments see their women as the next best thing.  Workers, baby machines, and completely disposable.  And I mean disposable in the literal sense – if they get in a man’s way they should just be killed.  How is this possible?

The class watched a movie on the topic, if anyone wants the name I’ll give it to you but not on here…. and several of us left the room sobbing at what the women were put through.  This is 2010, not the 1800’s.  I thought the world had progressed farther than that.  It’s wrong, and I don’t care who knows it!!  I don’t expect everyone to believe in the same God that I believe in, but I expect people to regard each and every human being with a certain amount of respect.  We are humans and we deserve dignity and respect, women AND men alike.  It just amazes me that some places in this world are still so primitive and backwards.  Pray for them, please!!

Busy Weeks

So I’ve spent the past few weeks holed up in my house with my nose in math books piled as high as an elephant’s eye.  Last Saturday I took the first of 4 Massachusetts Educator’s licensing exams.  And to make it more exciting… it was ALL MATH!  The practice exams that I had been studying from were overwhelming at best and the seasoned veterans at school were very open about the fact that the actual text was nothing like the practice tests.  GREAT, so all I could do was to prepare for the worst.  The anxiety I had over the weeks leading up to the exam was like nothing I have ever experienced.  I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, perhaps the realization that this was a huge step (with a lot at stake) in graduating and establishing my career.  All that being said, when I had the test in front of me, it was significantly less daunting than I had anticipated, and for that I will be forever thankful!!!  So the exam is done, my part is over, and now I wait.  5 weeks…. 4 weeks now, the results will be released on Aug. 13.  I don’t know about you, but for me that’s a LOOOOONG time to wait!!  But we will see how it all goes, I’ll keep you posted.  Only two weeks left until summer break!!!!!

In other news, there are NO MORE cribs in my house.  That’s a little (a lot) bittersweet.  I have no more babies left.  The boys (and man) built Thing 2’s twin bed yesterday, and he’s right at home.  It’s so comforting that he made that transition so well.  He was in the toddler bed for only a few weeks, and we just decided to get the big bed rather than put it off for no good reason.  So it’s done.  He’ll be 3 next month and the only baby thing left to him is his pull ups…. I would have rather gotten rid of those first, but no one asked me!!!!  It’s a work in progress!!

The Latest and Greatest

I’m up to my eyeballs in Geometry and Statistics, and if that wasn’t as much fun as one little person can handle in one sitting why not toss in some Physics!  Cuz that sounds like a boat load of a good time!!!!  Well, that’s what my course load is as of late.  And on top of all that I’m staring straight down the barrel of a State Educator License exam… ahem #1 of 4.  T-minus 16 days to go for that one.  Oh and it’s a 4 hour test on ….. wait for it………. MATH! While this may be my strong suit, testing is very much NOT.  I took a practice exam the other night and was largely disappointed.  But it gives me something to work on in my spare time… cuz that’s what I needed ~ something to work on.

Beyond all that, the Cop and the kids are fantabulous!  Thing 1 just finished his first year of pre-school.  Off to Pre-K next year, and Thing 2 will start pre-school in the fall.  This all hinges on Thing 2’s ability to reign supreme over his own bladder and such.  I’m hopeful, but not entirely optimistic.  Maybe he’ll start in January… we’ll see.

I’m just checking in, I haven’t posted in a forever long time.  We are just getting out summer underway and making out our plans for day trips and things to keep the monsters occupied.  A couple of little classes at the children’s museum, a trip to the zoo, fishing, and the beach all make the short list, but we like to fly by the seat of our pants and go with the moment, so we’ll see.

Stay tuned!!!!

So What Have I Been Up To Anyway?


That’s about it.  Hanging with the boys and school.  For some reason last August I decided that I wanted to be a teacher.  With that I found a local college that offers a full time program for Elementary Education and meets only on weekends.  So that’s been my life since September of ‘09.  Crazy busy with homework and such. 

The boys are crazy.  Thing 1 is in school, and Thing 2 just sucks up his alone time with me, and fails daily at potty training.  But we’re getting there.

I recently started running like a crazy woman, and just ran my first 5k on Mother’s Day.  I placed 212 which made me laugh, but I had my personal best time, so all in all I was very happy with how I did.

My life isn’t a very exciting one, but it’s all I’ve got and I’m happy with it, stay tuned for more slightly less than exciting stuff.

The Banana Is BAAACK!!

After toying with the idea for a little while, and knowing full well my lack of consistency with this sort of thing I decided not to start blogging again.  HOWEVER, after reading Tasha’s Suck it Sunday… with tears in my eyes I felt that if I didn’t start the Nanner back up now, I just wouldn’t.

And with that, I say in memory of my grandfather, my 4 year old’s namesake, cancer can SUCK IT again for me!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’m sure I’ll be lazy and not post everything I should, but I’ll do my best to keep up with my back to school adventures, and all about what life is like being totally a mom, totally a wife, but not quite a teacher…but getting there. 

Stay tuned if anyone is still out there! :o)

Friday Five

5.  I gave my husband a list of 5 or 6 lights at Lowes to replace the one over our kitchen table – he did NOT chose to buy one of my selections but instead purchased one that is 2 feet wide.    Which he will end up returning later this evening when he discovers, yet again, that listening to me in the first place saves alot of time and energy.  I love him anyway.

4. The high temperature for today is 8 degrees.

3. Not one of us (except the one that went to work) has gotten out of our jammies.

2. I took James to the museum yesterday and completely forgot he only had undies on.  Thankfully they had a stock of pull-ups in the bathroom.  Phew – oh no accident to report either – it’d be awful chill-ay with  soggy drawers.

1. I can’t fathom how someone can continue to believe that there is no God after yesterdays events.  God can move a mountain and land a plane in the most ominous circumstances.  He simply decided that it wasn’t time for any of those people to be called home.  Miracles do happen!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Wishful Thinking – since the high over the next few days isn’t supposed to get above 15 degrees, we are dreaming of warmer times!

117.jpg picture by slcuster04

For more WW click here.

Thank Heavens!

So I mentioned yesterday that my beloved 24 is taking a plot twist that I just couldn’t handle.  Tony Almieda, one of the major ‘good guys’, had switched sides and was the terrorist at large this season.  Well, rest assured, he’s the villan but only because he’s under cover!  I KNEW IT COULDN’T BE TRUE!  I am however a little disappointed that Tony, Chloe, and Bill Buchannan have gone beyond the government and set up their own CTU operation.  Seems like it can’t end up well for them – but I guess thats what keeps us all watching.  I wanted to jump into the TV and tell Jack to stay out of it, but as usual, he doesn’t listen to me.  Typical man.

There are an awful lot of people involved in this seasons terror plot – which creates it’s own sub plot.  Money laundering, killing off people who know too much, secure concrete rooms…….  ohhh boy!  Jack got into his first major sting/shoot out last night.  That means 2 things: 1. A new season is officially underway and 2. He is no longer going to be clean shaven and in the nice oxford shirt and tie – out comes the leather messenger bag and there will forever be sweat on him and a scratch somewhere.  I LOVE this show!!!!!

Golden Globes 2009

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes???  ….

Yah, me either.

I was busy watching my long awaited season premier of 24.  It’s been 2 years in the making, thank you writer’s strike.  So I watched the “Redemption” special that was on a few weeks ago, and then again last week.  I have to say that I’m not really a fan of anything that involves terror and children – and this Juma guy recruiting all these little boys to be soldiers didn’t sit well.  That seemed to be a big theme in the “Redemption” episode, so I held my breath for the rest of the season.  As it turns out, it is really not based on that at all, and to be honest it wasn’t even mentioned in the premier at all I don’t  think. 

So I’m allowing myself to watch.  I, however, do want to make it know that I absolutely do NOT like the fact that Tony Almieda is the terrorist at large this season.  I’d like to say that I feel the same way about Tony as Jack does – but probably more in a girl/hot guy sorta way.  I can’t handle him being the bad guy.  Anyway, he’s supposed to be DEAD!  I cried when he died, I went through the grieving process – sorrow, anger, denial…. and finally during the past  nearly 2 years, I made my peace with it.  And What? Now he’s alive??  And he’s gone rogue??  Nope, can’t do it!  Cannot wrap my head around that one!  We shall see what tonight brings!!  Hopefully no plane crashes either (I got real scared last night!) those rate right up there with the children in war…. not good!