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Nights 2 and 3 – Oh yeah Baby!!!

Done, and Done!  Last night Aiden was asleep by the time I got downstairs after leaving his room and going in to kiss James goodnight.  Tonight was not as smooth, but partly my fault.  He was just babbling in his crib after his stories and after I left.  So I came downstairs to get James ready for bed and realized that all his diapers were upstairs in Aiden’s room.  Dang!  So I tippy toe in there and snatch a package of diapers and he starts screaming.  I swear he didn’t see me, but who knows.  Anyway, he initially went up to bed at 7pm, and despite the hang up he was asleep by 7:15.  Last night, he woke up at 10:30 again, I fed him again because he refused the bottle before bed, and after that he fussed (ok, screamed) for 5 or so min. and eventually went back to sleep until 2:30 at which time I just brought him in with me.  We’ll get past that part eventually too!  So tonight, he did take about 4oz. before going to bed so I’m going to try to not feed him at that first waking and see what happens. 

So anyway, I’ve been able to sleep in my bed without a Klingon attached to me for at least a few hours.  That also means that Scott has stayed in our bed rather than trotting down the hall to the guest room (grrr…).  Now this poses yet another problem…  I’ve gone 6 months nursing an infant on demand through the night and never once did that infant SNORE!  *Sigh* I can’t win.   Love you Schmoopy!!  -nothing personal!

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  1. * amygg says:

    Way to go, Mom & Aiden! I’m glad it’s all going so smooth for you. LOL about the snoring, it’s always something, huh? lol

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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