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Ah… Another Milestone for James

He had his first trip to Taco Bell for dinner last night.  Couldn’t tell you why it’s taken so long but it has – it’s certainly not for lack of the toxic-ness being in the house, I guess I just never thought it was good for him (HUH!).  Well, to say the least he LOVED it.  He’s been walking around all morning saying “taco for dinner”.  He had to call daddy at work last night to tell him that mommy had poisoned him with the ultimate in nasty fast food.  Ordinarily he will look at any type of meat like it is just the most horrible form of anything possible, but go figure, not the *meat* in the taco.  What does that tell you, perhaps it’s not really meat – could it be some type of chemically altered mystery substance???  Call it what you will, I really do love the stuff.

Go Me, Go Aiden!  I stuck to my guns last night and didn’t feed him when he woke up at 11pm.  He wasn’t thrilled in the least with that idea.  I did go in and rock him a bit, but not to the point that he was asleep when I put him back down.  He screamed – oh how he screamed!   And…. as I was in the process of caving and had the bottle soaking in the hot water he settled down and went to sleep.  At 3am, he woke up enough to get me out of bed, but quieted right down as I reached his door, but at 3am, I’m not in any mood to play the “I’m sleeping, I’m not sleeping” game so I just grabbed him and brought him in bed with me and fed him (oh, did I ever need him to nurse!) and there he stayed until 6:45.  Never once did he snore 🙂  I’d dare say we are making progress.  If I could just get him to forget about that 11pm waking I’d be thrilled.

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  1. * Dawn says:

    A little taco bell didnt hurt anyone! LOL

    Good luck with the the sleeping thing!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * amygg says:

    You are a way better Mom than me! lol Olivia has been eating fast food for … um … a while now, lol. I’m glad he liked his taco! And yay for sticking to your guns about the 11pm feeding! You both are doing a great job!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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