Totally Bananas

Much Better – sorta

Aiden failed to read the rules before we began this sleep training endeavor – humph!  Last night was night 5 and he cried longer last night than any of the previous nights, I thought it was supposed to get better each night.  On the positive side, he woke up at midnight (WOW) and I fed him, I caved – so what!  and when I put him back down he made nary a peep.  Go Aiden!  He still woke up at 3am, but babbled most of the time so I let him go until the babbling turned to crying and seriously at 3am I just don’t have what it takes to put up with it.  And to be quite honest, if we work out of that 3am ritual, that means he’s done nursing and I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for that yet.  Ideally I’d like him to sleep through and nurse him in the morning, but that’s what’s in my head, not necessarily what he’s thinking.

Scott survived his day yesterday unscathed.  Apparantly I was mistaken and it wasn’t some big old drug bust, they were serving a pile of arrest warrants to people that lived in a really nasty area of the state so it was a similar type of approach – get them in the middle of the night/early morning when they are likely to be home.  When they were apprehending one of the guys his mother followed them to the door and asked the cops nicely to “please don’t beat him”.  Scott works in a foo foo town and most of the crime occurs in an outdoor shopping mall so they aren’t exactly the beating type of department.  But how sad is that, really.


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