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Oh, My Poor Sick Boys!

Scott and James are tag teaming on me!  They both have come down with this nasty and violent cough.  James was coughing so hard last night he was throwing up, poor little boy.  So I let him sleep with mommy, because Daddy was at death’s door on the couch.  Now if you’re keeping up, that means James is in bed with me, and Aiden (oh yah, forgot about him!) is snoozing down the hall, but not for long and entirely expecting to spend the rest of his nighty night with mommy.  I spend a good 2 runs of Baby Beethoven trying to orchestrate in my head how that was going to work.

…….ok, I typed that paragraph 3 days ago and haven’t had a second to get on the computer since. Here’s where we left off….

Scott and James are both STILL sick from what I have diagnosed as the flu (James thanks the Dr’s for his flu shot).  Friday night and Saturday night, Aiden was the only one that slept.  James was up coughing and restless, getting maybe a 5hrs. of sleep each night and not napping.  Everytime he lays down he coughs so hard he gags.  Scott and I have a well orchestrated plan at night – he takes NyQuill and goes to bed in the guest room, I go to bed and am on James duty – when he goes in to THE coughing fit that is followed by the hoarse, half cry “mommmmyy” I grab him and he lays in bed with me until Aiden wakes.  I get Scott who then goes into our bed with James and I get Aiden and we take over the guest room.  James has been getting up at 4-5am with a little spurt of energy so I’ve let Scott go to bed after Aiden gets up for the day.  Afterall, he’s sick too.  I can remember a time when I’ve ever seen Scott (or myself for that matter) this sick.  Forget about James, he’s never been like this.

So Saturday I hemmed and hawed about taking him to the Dr., but at that point it was just a cough and a little fever and it *probably* could wait until Monday.  By the evening he was just miserable so I called the on call pediatrician and he said to give him honey rather than the Robitussin (yah, really) that my Dr. hardly suggested.  Honey didn’t do much, not to mention that after trying to wrestle Robitussin into him, his trust in the things that I was giving him was long gone.  The on call Dr. also said he wanted to see him Sunday morning. 

Sunday:  James got up probably at 5 or so with a 102 fever,  and I took over around 7 when Aiden got up.  He had a couple bites of a waffle for breakfast and that was it.  Aiden went up for a nap at 9:30 and we had a Dr. appointment at 10:45.  After I brought Aiden up for his nap, I sat with James, who just wanted to cuddle with Mommy, and we watched his beloved Nemo.  At about 9:45 he was sound asleep on me.  My mom came over and I got up and maneuvered him onto the couch and he never woke.  We warmed up the car and put a sweatshirt and slippers on him (still in his jammies) and still never woke.  I was starting to get a little worried – this isn’t my child!  We get to the Dr. and he saw the toys in the waiting room (eww) and a little spurt of energy popped out.  We go to the exam room and there was only one chair and Scott was with me so I grabbed James and we sat on the exam table while we waited, and poof he was asleep again.  What 2 year old falls asleep on an exam table??  Long story short, the Dr. found nothing wrong with him, no ear infection, no strep, no bronchitis…. ugh.  There is SOMETHING wrong with this little boy.  So knowing that, and knowing that I have a 6 month old at home, he gave us a prophylactic antibiotic (I cringe at me actually doing that – it’s so unlike me) to give him for 10 days.  Sunday night was more of the same, except James slept from about 9 until 4am.  Thank you LORD!

So here we are, it’s Monday night….  James woke up this AM with a 104 fever, so Scott promptly set the Tylenol fairy into motion and got that under control before I took over for my shift at 7am.  He then took a 3hr. nap which he desperately needed.  I took Aiden grocery shopping and gave Scott a little quiet time which he desperately needed.  James is still simply miserable, and Scott is as well.  James isn’t eating anything and drinking very little.  I’m offering him everything under the sun, from Jell-o to pudding, popsicles, toast, right down to M&M’s which he promptly handed back to me and said “no”.  Where is my little boy??? 

As we were getting baths done and jammies on tonight, Aiden started coughing (why God why) – he really had been doing it all day but really started getting into it tonight.  So, I’m just dreading what is to come of that.  I can’t think of watching my little baby spiral downhill like my husband and James did.  We will be spending the weekend at Children’s hospital for sure if he continues on the same path.  Please just pray for our little family!!!

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  1. * amygg says:

    HUGS & prayers coming your way!! I know exactly how you feel! The girls still have a runny nose & a slight cough, but not like it was & I believe they are on the mend. Like James’ doctor, Emily’s really found nothing wrong with her, either. Crazy! Now I have bronchitis… and it sucks! lol Praying for all of us to get well FAST!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * Kacey says:

    Oh, my. Your poor family. Try a teaspoon of honey (for James, at least). It’s supposed to be better than cough syrup!

    I hope everybody gets better soon.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  3. * Kacey says:

    Ok, so I missed the honey reference in there! Oops. Sorry it didn’t work.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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