Totally Bananas

Survivor Night!!

Clearly I took Wordless Wednesday very seriously……

On to Thursday and really the only night that I give a solitary hoot about TV.  Usually Scott’s parents come over for dinner and Survivor, but since they are on the mend from various illnesses that keep circling around, they opted to keep their distance for another week.  Scott has started taking a class for the second half of this semester so I’m flying solo tonight.  Truth be known, somtimes I enjoy that.  I don’t have to worry about cooking dinner – Macaroni and cheese is 4 course gourmet as far as James is concerned and some sweet potatoes and apple sauce is the cat’s pajamas to Aiden.  Me, well I believe there is a bag of my beloved Chex Mix in the cabinet with my name on it.  ….all this talk about dinner and it’s not even 8:30am.  Ack!

Ok, chores for today….

  • Vacuum – James has an obsession for notebooks (thank you Blue’s Clues) and there are tiny shards of notebook paper all over the playroom – tasty vittles for Aiden.
  • Make dinner – um, CHECK
  • Mop Kitchen Floor Sweep Kitchen Floor
  • Clean Bathroom – BLAH
  • Laundry

 I’m not nearly in the mindset to get started on this list, but I’m CERTAIN as the day goes on I’ll be much more motivated to tackle it.  Right now both boys are sleeping, the coffee is hot, the Today Show is on, and I’m soaking in the quiet time.


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