Totally Bananas


Ok, looking back to 4 months ago -Thanksgiving/Christmas time, yes things are better – but oh are they not very good at all still.  What does this little tiny boy think when he gets put to bed every night.  I honestly think it goes something like this -“Ok, I’ll reward her diligence and go to sleep nicely, but as soon as I sense her getting comfortable in bed, the game is over, She’s MINE – and she’ll never see it coming.  I bet she’s expecting me to sleep the whole night by myself – silly silly lady”  We’ve certainly come along way – but we still have a loooong way to go.

Last night at 10:30 he cried, I went in and consoled him and put him back down (how DARE I) and it was over, he was beside himself and absolutely NUTS.  He did the hysterical “how could you do that to me”cry – just slighly worse than the “I can’t believe I just got 3 shots” cry.  I said, ok I can do this, and I let him go…. and go and go and go.  45 min. later he hadn’t let up one bit and I had enough.  I went to get check him and he was at the opposite end of his crib (next to the door) with the bumper pushed down and his face pressed against the bars just sobbing.  That “my poor baby” feeling kicked in and I just rocked him feeling horrible.  Once he settled down we spent the night together as we have for the past 7 months and probably will for the next 18 years.  It may become disturbing, but I’m sure Aiden will look past it, he seems to be that type of kid.  *Oh and if you think he slept through the rest of the night while with me, you are sorely mistaken, he was up 2 or 3 more times to nurse back to sleep*  I’ve got to stop this!

I think I have found (acutally Scott did) the nap issue.  It’s James.  Aiden is usually down for his first nap before James gets up and he’s spot on for that nap, fuss for one second while he gets comfy and asleep without issue.  The second nap usually interrupts his afternoon entertainment.  So….. going forward I’m going to *try* to get him down while James is still napping, or at least not putting on a show.

On a lighter note, yesterday was BEAUTIFUL and I put the BundleMe on the stroller, bundled up Aiden, sweatshirt for James and we went for a walk.  Aiden fell asleep about 3 houses from home and that was wonderful.  After we got back, James played in his sandbox and roamed around his soon-to-be backyard spreading sandbox love.  We all got some much needed outside time.  Bring on the warmer weather.

**In other news… the Red Sox released Doug Mirabelli yesterday to the dismay of all their female fans.  Yes, Doug (’cause I know you read this) I will miss you!


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  1. * amygg says:

    LOL about sleeping with you until he’s 18! I’m sorry you had a rough night, but hope tonight is better than the last!

    I’m rooting for the warm weather, to! We had thunder storms today… isn’t that a sign spring is coming?

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago

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