Totally Bananas

Easter “EEEEK” Hunt

James went to his first Easter Egg Hunts today.  He had 2, one at 10am and one at 11am.  Good grief.  Of course this is THE day that he decides to sleep in this week (any other day, I’d thank him) so I open his door at 9:30 (we should be leaving) and he looks up at me – ok great, he’s up.  Now, Aiden – my non-sleeper, is napping soundly – of all the days….  I get James dressed and start the car, pound my way up the stairs and hear Aiden start to babble (I doubt it was from my stomping).  Great Everyone is up, dressed in the car with 15 min. to get there.  What, James hasn’t had anything to eat yet???  UUGH, it’s 9:45, Dunkin’ can’t be too crazy – I’m car #4 – not bad, but not very good when you’re rushing.  Previous to all this it did cross my mind to bag the first hunt and just go to the second, but it’s fun, right.  He’s never been to one and he needed a warm up.

We get to the SW High School and it is MOBBED, apparantly this is a big thing.  I met up with Scott and we head over to the field.  Can I just say it was (and probably still is) 35 degrees out, and we were frozen.  By the time we got to where we needed to be, the 2 year old group already went and they were setting up for the 3 year olds.  Well, too bad, call him 3, he was goin’ out there anyway.  They said Ready, Set, Go and I felt like I was in Pamplona for the running of the bulls, poor James (he didn’t care really) snatched up 4 eggs, count ’em 4.  All that for 4 eggs.  We were frozen to our cores.  But who cares, James was THRILLED beyond belief over his eeeeks”.  He stuffed them into his pockets and was so proud. 

Now on to hunt #2.  This was at a neighbor’s house.  It’s only an hour later so you can bet your bippy it was just as cold.  So we all stood around and waited for everyone to show up.  Being that it was a neighborhood thing we knew who was coming and wanted to make sure all were present before we started.  Well, James saw all the eeeks and started chomping at the bit.  He had his basket in his hand, he knew what to do, but his pesky mommy had a death grip on his collar and wouldn’t let him go.  After roughly 15 min. of fighting with him it was time to get the eeeks.  Let me tell you that rehearsal earlier was all he needed, he just hauled off after the eggs, crawling under bushes, tossing them into his basket… what a pro.  Then we had to empty the candy out of the eggs and give them back to be used again next year.  Praise the Lord for the 4 eeeks that he had picked up earlier in the day or it would have been mayhem.  Conveniently Aiden had the eggs tucked in his carrier so I thwarted the badness by handing James an eeek to carry.  Oh yes, there was still a large amount of crying, but it could have gotten very very bad.  We were the first to leave, mainly for fear that his tears would freeze to his face, but honestly I was so cold I couldn’t take much more!!!

Here are some pictures of the great Eeeek hunt of ’08


And not to be out done by his big brother…

ps: WordPress has taken it upon themselves to decide what portion of my pictures to show.  They really are not cut off like that, but you can get the idea.


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  1. * amygg says:

    What fun! I did a public egg hunt when Emily was 3 1/2… never again, lol. We just hide them here & let the girls find them.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago

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