Totally Bananas

All Done…

All 40 trees are down.  Reduced to a pile in my shiny new back yard.  I don’t have any pictures – DOWNLOADED yet- easy girls, let me finish… I promise to put them up tomorrow morning!  I got some good ones!  Now on to the daunting task of finding other things for this guy to do so he sticks around for a few more weeks days – uh I mean, the task of leveling off the yard and planting grass.  And… picking out a totally fabulous playscape for the boys to fall from and break their arms.

Oh and on a side note – Aiden, you remember, my little nibblet that refuses to sleep – yah he slept for a solid hour and a half in the middle of trees falling and logs being run through a mega-sized chipper.  His bedroom is on the back of the house (um, right over the back yard and at the corner of the house next to the chipper) and his nap was probably during the most heavily chainsaw’d (that’s a word, right) hour and a half of the day.  I was cringing every time they fired them up.  So what gives?  Was there a chain saw and a wood chipper in my uterus??  Don’t answer that!

Pictures to come in the AM!!! Stay tuned : )

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