Totally Bananas

Oh My Blog…

how I have neglected thee…

Clearly I’ve been too distraught to blog in the absence of *you-know-who*.  Nah, that’s not really it.  I’ve just been busy.  I know, I know I should make time, and I tried but it just didn’t work out.  The kids, the hubby everyone sucks a little bit of life out of me and sometimes the quiet time is too precious to disturb.  But I’m here now and that’s what matters, right!!

So where’d I leave off – oh yes, last Thursday I believe.  Such a sad day.  It’s been a week since he’s been here.  I hope he’s not standing me up and leaving me here with a yard full of stumps and a silly large pile of, shall we say crap.  He doesn’t seem like the type – but he’s a man so who knows.

Friday, oh yah Friday.  Yup – mommy’s night out! Hallelujah!!!  Thank you Camilla for having a jewelry party – please have one every week.  Oh and make sure you have a plate of Girl Scout Cookies at these other parties as well.  Oh, heck – forget the party, just you me and the Samoas – now that is a night out if I do say so.

Saturday -Saturday I went desperation shopping because…. on Friday I scheduled a sitting for the boys with our favorite photographer for Tuesday.  It dawned on me on Saturday “whatever will they wear?”.  So off to Kohls (I loathe Kohls) to find khakis and polo shirts – easy right? WRONG!  Well the khakis were easy – 1pair in 24months, 1 pair in 12 months – matching pants aren’t too geeky.  I was looking for complementing shirts, I ended up with navy I was looking for something more exciting but that’s what I got – but never fear the Lord has a funny way of working these things out! oh read on….

Sunday…. Irish Parade Day in Mystic!  Wahoooo!!!  Sounds like fun and I’m sure it is.  Ok, with my impeccable timing with naps this hour ride should go off without a hitch.  Aiden will sleep the whole ride, James can get a slice of pizza at Mystic Pizza for lunch – no problemo.  Except this whole parade thing was so apparently not an original idea for millions and millions of people – ok maybe not that many but alot to say the least.  We got down there and drove around for about 45 min. looking for a random spot on a side street to park, there were cars everywhere.  We ended up parking about 1/2 mile away in a parking lot and hefted the boys in the stroller to the parade route.  The parade was to follow the street that turned about 3 buildings down from Mystic Pizza.  We could barely get near the Pizza place.  There were SO many people everywhere.  James couldn’t see, even if Scott held him – we were so far away he had no clue what he was even looking at.  So after a short time we decided to pull the plug and head back to the car – oh yeah it was cold too.  The boys screamed the whole ride home.  Both of them.  James had a bag of Teddy Grahams, 2 bags of Goldfish and a bag of Aiden’s fruit puffs for lunch.  We got BK when we got home and thanked the Lord for helping us not to drive the car into a tree half way there. 

After the boys were in bed I was admiring my Kohls purchases and realized that James’ khaki pants looked awful small.  The tag inside said 24 months too.  I grabbed a pair of 18 month pants he had hanging around and they were longer than these new ones.  Huh.  Apparantly they were shorts.  They were long-er type shorts and so not our style.  How do I do these things time and time again!?!

Monday – I have no excuses for Monday or exciting happenings.

Tuesday – Picture day!!!  I’m digging around and find an outfit that Aiden got as a gift when he was born – thank you whomever for buying it in size 12 months.  The shirt went well with the one I had for James and I can find any reason why they couldn’t just wear jeans.  So they did.  Aiden is a ham.  He owned that sitting, posing, smiling, playing with the props – what a goof.  James, well if you didn’t already know, he’s 2.  He made it his  mission to do everything in his power to not have a picture taken of him.  Good thing we are smarter than that and simply had him play with his toys and crayons sitting in front of the background – so she got some decent face shots of him.  We go Monday to see how they came out.

Are you tired of reading yet?  This post got out of control!!  Well congratulations you win a prize for getting this far.  Now shut your computer off and go get yourself a prize! : )


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  1. * Danielle says:

    LMAO! Sounds like a lot of fun! Gotta love those Photo Shoots… I still have not done one for Aiden. Yikes.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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