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New Neighbors!!

We have new neighbors.  The house across the street has been for sale forever and finally someone took the plunge and bought it.  The house is the eyesore of the neighborhood, mainly I think because the house is cursed. 

When we moved in, there was a nice family living there, aquaintances of Scott’s through police work.  About 6 months after we moved in they got a divorce and moved out.  A new young couple moved in.  Newly married, new to the area, looking to start a family – great potential neighbors.  That was June 2006, fast forward to December of the same year, and there was a for sale sign infront of the house.  As it turns out, the wife packed up and left with their 2 dogs while hubby was at work.  She moved to Illinois or something like that.  For a few days he didn’t hear anything from her and thought she was missing.  Of course she wasn’t and eventually they got divorced.  He went into a small depression and didn’t give 2 hoots about the house.  The lawn rarely got mowed, things just deteriorated from there.  So, almost a year and a half later – the house finally sold (for significantly less than they paid for it in ’06).  The new neighbors are there now… at least we think they are.

Here’s where it gets odd…  Being that we are right across the street, we see all the comings and goings.  And being that I’m home with the boys, I am nosey don’t miss a thing am conscious ofmy surroundings.  One of the last showings of the house stuck out like a sore thumb.  The average showing (by average I mean, the longest) was roughly 7 min.  In all honesty, the house is nothing to look at inside or out, most people turned their nose up within 3-4 min. and would quickly exit and leave.  Except one day, a few months ago, when it seemed as if all was lost, showings had essentially stopped for months, and all of a sudden there was an Audi in the driveway and a few other cars.  They were in there for quite some time, perhaps a 1/2 hour even.  Could it be???  New neighbors are so exciting.  New friends, or enemies, but I like to focus on the positive, cook outs, helping with yard work, friends for the kids… so much potential!

It was!!!  Someone thought this disaster of a house was just perfect for them.  We waited and waited.  We saw moving trucks come in and take Divorced Guy’s (that’s what we called him) things.  We learned from another neighbor when the closing was, so we had an idea when to expect new people.  The closing day came and went.  A week went by and nothing.  Then at about 10pm one night there were lights on all through the house… exciting!!!  Tomorrow I’d bake brownies or get a potted plant at the store or something to welcome our new neighbors… or wait a few days to make sure they weren’t serial killers first.  That first night the lights were on well past midnight, but a new house is exciting and if you’re going to live there then you need to set some things up – like a bed and such, so that was understandable.  I decided to wait on my welcome wagon for a few days and let them get settled.  Well, the next night all was quiet, no lights nothing, hmmm…. until about 11pm and it was like a Super 8 Motel, lights on everywhere.  When I came down to get Aiden a bottle the lights were still on at like 3am.  Crazy!  Coming back from the grocery store the other afternoon, there was someone with a manilla envelope at the door, knocking and ringing the doorbell.  After unloading my groceries I noticed the envelope laying inside the screen front door.  Odd, cars were in the driveway.  And again, last night they were burning the midnight oil.  So, I’m still waiting to make my assumption on the serial killer theory, as I have not physically seen any person in the house.  Their front door has not opened once. 

I realize they are new, but this is very much a close knit neighborhood.  Nice days we all have our front doors open, neighbors stop bye to say hi.  During the tree work, one neighbor came over and asked if he could hang out in the back yard and watch… it’s very Wisteria Lane.  Everyone knows what everyone else is doing.  And it’s killing me that these people are so secretive, not sure if that’s the word I want, but it will work.



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  1. * dorindmikey says:

    My next door neighbours are exactly the same but we actually have seen them a couple of times. They’re up all night and there’s different people coming in and out at all times. Don’t want to scare you but I’m so close to thinking they’re running some sort of illegal establishment here. thank god we’re moving soon.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago
  2. * ohamanda says:

    Ooooh. How exciting! Unless they ARE serial killers of course. Then it’s just freaky.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago
  3. * amygg says:

    Interesting neighbors! I hope you post updates on what goes on, lol. Cause I’m nosey! lol

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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