Totally Bananas

Opening Day Fenway Park 2008

Wahoooo!!! Play Ball!!

Today is one of my favorite days!  The start of the Red Sox season.  Okay, the season started 6 games ago, but in my opinion, the actual season as I know it doesn’t start until they play at Fenway.  My mom and her hubby are there (were there, the game is over now).  She called during the 5th inning and said it was fuh-reezing.  My response – HA, serves you right, I hope your cocoa freezes before you can drink it!  -I have small jealousy issues, but I’m working on them.

I must confess that I have a sickening obsession with the Red Sox.  I was born and raised in Massachusetts and well, I grew up rooting for the home team.  Same with the Patriots and the Celtics.  Now that I’m older, the Celtics can do whatever they want, basketball isn’t my thing; the Patriots, they get their quality time with me; but the Sox – oh the Sox, I love them.  It’s sort of a relationship where I’ve seen them through the bad times, and now things are good and fun…. for better or worse if you will.  Growing up it was almost as if we expected the Sox to break our hearts.  We knew it would happen every season, but yet we still cheered, and we still loved them, Fenway park was as close to heaven as we’d ever see on this Earth, and we cried when it was over. 

Speaking of bad times, Bill Buckner thew out the ceremonial first pitch today.  That seemed very fitting to me.  After 2 World Series Championships in 4 years all should be forgiven.  Red Sox Nation will never forget what happened in 1986 (I remember watching it, I was 9 – yah, yah do the math), it will play in our minds as a time in history to be told to our children and to their children.  It was a sad day, a sad sad day.  But never fear, the Sox of ’04 redeemed all of the past 86 seasons and beat the stinkin’ rotten Yankees in 4 straight games to win the ALCS and go on to bring home the World Series Trophy.  The pomp and circumstance that followed was like no other.   I believe that the fans as much as the players earned every bit of that Championship.  And what teams we have had since.  They have grown and developed a phenomenal team that won the World Series again last year.

I look forward to the ups and downs.  I have a case of Tums in the closet, that should get me through to the All-Star Break.  Around September the Tums are replaced with Pepto – it’s just plain stressful around here, but I wouldn’t give it up!  Bring on the ’08 season!!!  

GO SOX!!!!!!

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