Totally Bananas

It Wasn’t Me I SWEAR!!!

This is nothing short of sheer brilliance, heroisism, valor, I could go on and on….

New York Yankees unearth buried Red Sox jersey from new stadium!

A rivalry for the ages!  There are a very few things in this day and age that we hear on the news that aren’t horrible.  I think this was one of them.  But then, I’m not a Yankee fan (*I think I just threw up a little even saying it*).  But why would something like this warrant criminal charges?  They haven’t been filed yet, but it’s been rumored.  Baseball is a game, rivalrys are fun (when you’re winning which we did!) and a silly prank like this is just that, silly.  They could have left it as it was and proved that they have a better team (which they don’t), or they could have done what they did and tore apart part of the new stadium to get the jersey out.  Either way, let it go.  Why do you have to press charges, just go out and win some stinkin’ championships already.  Do you honestly think that a Red Sox jersey is going to make or brake the future potenial of the franchise??? Come on!!!  -That being said, if a Jeter jersey was in Fenway park somewhere, you can bet your bippy that I’d be there with a table spoon digging from here to kingdom come to find it!

Just a thought, perhaps Joe Torre was involved in this in some manner???!!! Stranger things have happened!

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