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Fashion Fiesta – I’m tardy!

So I read all my blogs religiously every day (-ish) and I read Amanda’s (ohamanda) and the other day she shared her fashion prowess with us in participation with another blog’s Fashion Fiesta that has since ended.  I really didn’t have anything to add because I’ve been pretty much holed up in a house for the last two years producing offspring and haven’t really given my wardrobe much attention.  Well clutch your pearls ladies, all that is about to change!!! 

In my quest for curtains yesterday I stumbled across happened to find scrounged for as if they were my last meal an adorable pair of jeans.  I tried them on and viola – wouldn’t you know they fit.  The number on the tag (the size part) was encouraging (God bless the people at the Gap), and my *um* rear view was tolerable, and I didn’t have to suck in the baby gut (God bless a mid rise waist) – sounds like the perfect jeans to me.  

 **a side note since we are on the fashion topic… who’s crazy idea was it to start this ultra low rise trend that we are thankfully coming out of?  I can’t be more thankful that it’s now fashionably acceptable to have a mid rise jean.  I wasn’t so bad when I was childless and could get away with it, but 2 children later… and that second little stinker did me in… I just can’t get away with the things I used to.  However, I can’t fathom having my jeans over my belly button in true “Mom jean” style but a happy medium is so very nice.

Ahh, back to the story so before I could find something horribly wrong with them I whipped them off and ran to the register to buy them (yes, I put my old jeans back on).  The number on the price tag was not optimal for the income of a stay at home mom but how often do we run across jeans that fit and look good, really?  I think it is for the benefit of the kids to have a somewhat stylish mom.  Either way, money well spent.

So here they are….

 They are absolutely perfect.  Great with sneakers, flip flops (when the weather allows), a little heel, a strappy espadrille, you name it they go great!

So there you have it, my very own little fashion fiesta.


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  1. * ohamanda says:

    Ole! I love them, girl!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago
  2. * Toni says:

    I need these jeans! They look perfect. And everything you described I need (well minus the price tag 🙂 ) but good jeans are hard to find!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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