Totally Bananas

Something about James

…..not even close to Something about Mary, but I like the title anyway.

What is it about a 2 year old little boy that can send a normal (somewhat) sane (sorta) woman into a crazy yelling frenzy.  And, moments later be completely enamored with the same child.  I never thought I’d be that type of mother, but in any given day there is a minute period of time in which I can rival the “before” scenes from the worst possible episode of “SuperNanny”.

James is my challenge.  He is just being a 2 year old, and it’s not his fault.  But this “testing his independence” is going to send me straight to the nut house.  As I sat with my coffee and started to type just a moment ago, he was so nicely sitting at the kitchen table working on his art project for the day and decided that it would be fun to fling his placemat repeatedly into my full mug and watch the coffee splash out all over the table.  Why?

Why then after I clean it up and tell him “no” and “why?” and “what are you doing” he resumes sticking berries onto his paper tree and sings the “ABC’s” and I look at him and think that I’m absolutely crazy and maybe he isn’t the troublemaker that only I see.  Maybe it’s me being to hard on him.  Are my expectations of my 2 year old too high?  He’s polite, and says please and thank you most of the time without being prompted, that’s good and he can count and count and count – ABC’s we’re working on.  He’s smart.  He sweet too, he cries when we drive past the police station and not stop to see daddy.  But is it too much to expect respect from him – for his parents, his brother and the rules of the house?

Oh and this child that just this morning grabbed his banana that he mercilessly begged for and took the first bite in his hand and squeezed it and proceeded to rub it all over the table, yah that child has this innate ability to absolutely turn on the charm and will sit for an entire run of Monsters Inc. and snuggle with anyone available. 

It’s just these little trouble making incidents that make a day very long.

I know this is a “phase” of sorts, and many many people have it much worse than I do, but good grief, as soon as he grows out of it I’ve got another one moving right into it.  Heaven help me!  What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, right?!?!


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