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About Me…

Several of my bloggy friends have been sharing 50 things about themselves.  Not sure who started it, I think maybe it was Toni – but I’ve lost track (here’s some linky love for you anyway Toni!).

So here we go – brace yourself, this could get interesting…………or very much not!!

  1. My name is Shanna – and that’s all your getting as far as that goes
  2. I have 2 boys and a husband
  3. I have 3 boys
  4. I hate to clean my house
  5. I hate to have a messy house
  6. I usually end up lowering my cleaning standards to meet my motivation
  7. I have seen every episode of the show Friends
  8. I love Jon & Kate + 8 – they make my life seem less hectic… sometimes
  9. I get grossed out at the very thought of drinking a glass of milk
  10. I took piano lessons for what seemed like 20 years, probably more like 5 or 6
  11. I can’t play a single thing on the piano
  12. I love Starbucks
  13. I love cannolis
  14. For whatever reason I just cannot seem to put away laundry
  15. I like to vacuum
  16. I drive an 8 year old car
  17. It’s paid off
  18. I’d love a new car but can’t justify getting one
  19. The car I drive is like new
  20. I go through a tank of gas a month
  21. We are lucky
  22. My husband has a 3 year old truck with less than 6,000 miles on it
  23. That was money well spent
  24. My son thinks he’s so cool when he rides in daddy’s truck
  25. I still have 10 pounds of baby weight to lose
  26. I only put on 15 pounds and had a 7.5 lb baby
  27. My baby is 8 months old
  28. I think I need to get working on that
  29. I walk several times a week
  30. Clearly that is not enough
  31. I can wear all my old clothes but I’m flabby
  32. My favorite outfit is a t-shirt and sweats
  33. I have no concept of anything fashionable
  34. I love shoes
  35. I love shoes that other people wear
  36. I can’t look at shoes and think they are cute until I see them on someone else
  37. Or clothes for that matter
  38. I hate most of my clothes
  39. They are so plain – but they were cheap
  40. I can’t pass up a bargain – even if I’m not in love with the item
  41. I have a hard time paying full price for anything
  42. I have a 25,000 sqft mud puddle where my back yard should be
  43. It makes me very frustrated to see it
  44. I get excited to think of having a yard for my boys to play in
  45. I hide candy EVERYWHERE
  46. I play with my son’s playdoh and tell him it’s Mommy’s – he doesn’t know it’s really his
  47. (this is for Danielle) I hated almost every minute of my pregnancies
  48. I don’t feel like a bad mother because of it
  49. Mother’s guilt is the worst thing ever
  50. I am in love with my life – my boys and my husband and I wouldn’t change a thing (except the back yard)

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  1. * Danielle says:

    Aw, thanks Shanna! I am glad we both hate being pg!!!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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