Totally Bananas

Why Do These Things Happen?

I have been reduced to a puddle again… after following Heather’s story the past few days I was sick to read Amber’s blog.  Amber is an online mommy friend (part of my special mommy club).  Why do these things happen?  Why do we have to go through these things?  Why can’t I stop crying for her?  Why do I feel this overwhelming need to snatch up my sleeping baby and hug him over and over and over and never let go?

Amber, may you get the answers you need and enjoy every second of your beautiful little boy for a long long time.  I am praying for Nate, praying hard. 

I don’t know how many people read this that don’t already know Amber, but if you don’t, please visit her blog, enjoy her amazing photography, and pray for her little boy.

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