Totally Bananas

Broken Diapers

I’m giving you all the blog you can  handle today as an apology for being MIA!

So tell me your thoughts on this – should I potty train more aggressively seriously actively or what?  About a week ago, James woke up twice and had taken his diaper and jammies off.  He’d sit in his crib and proclaim “UH ohhhh” so we’d go in and find the wetness that prompted the uh oh.  We figured he didn’t like the diapers or whatever, and gave pull ups a shot.  NO problem.  He loved the pullups and all was well.  The other day, maybe Thurs. he woke up absolutely SOAKED with the pull up still on.  So we chalked it up as a fluke and went with business as usual.  The next morning was the same scenario – soaked through everything pull up still on.  So we decided that we’d try diapers again.  That morning all was great, dry sheets and jammies, no problems.  We did diapers again, and in the middle of one night he pooped and I just grabbed a pull up and put that on him after I changed him.  Wake up the next morning and he tore the pull up down the side and was wet all over again.  UGH – so last night I put a diaper on him again thinking that worked the last time, let stick with it. 

This morning I hear him so I go get him.  When I walk in his room he says “diaper broken”.  Um, no.  He undid one side of the diaper, and pulled his jammies down on that side just below his cheek and the other side of the diaper/jammies was untouched (picture it in your head.).  So one side of hte diaper is flapping away and James looks down at his sheets and tells me “Mommy – what a mess”.  No kidding.

I’m thinking even if I do potty train him, he’s still in a crib and cant’ get to a potty in the night so he’d need a pull up – but that’s clearnly not working.  I just don’t know what to do.  But whatever we are doing right now isn’t working.  Any thoughts???


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