Totally Bananas

I’m Here Really!!

So in my last post I said that I’d try better to blog more often (everyday would be nice, but so would a million dollars!).  So I said that meaning….. STARTING TODAY!  kinda like the diet that I’ll start tomorrow!

So anyway – on with the blog.

My weekend was wonderfully hectic.  Not really hectic at all, but busy.  Friday my darling husband took the day off so I could get my hair done during the day.  It doesn’t actually require him to take a day off, I mean it’s not like I need that much help, but whatever, I had an appointment at 11:30 and he took the day off – good for everyone involved.  So he stayed with the boys (yikes!) and I enjoyed a quiet and relaxing 2 1/2 hours.  I tried out a new place that my neighbor went to and loved.  So I was game, after all, my current place has ticked me off to no end, so I’m outta there!!  So I try the new place and love love love it.  I loved the place, I loved the girl that did my hair, and I loved the way my hair came out.  WAHHOOOOO.

Friday night I had to make a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for a little bake-off that my father in law and I were doing.  Just fun stuff, we each were going to make one and see who had the best pie – not really, more like just an excuse to have more pie around the house. So I made my pie and because my beloved 9 month old thinks 5am is a great time to grace the day I went to bed as soon as I took the pie out of the oven.  When I got up at 5am on Saturday I saw the pie plate full of strawberry-rhubarb SOUP and I nearly died.  I tried to put it back in the oven (7 hours later) and clearly there was no saving it. – guess I’ll wait to start that cooking blog I’ve been thinking about LOL, just kidding!

Saturday – yay saturday.  My long lost pal came down from NH and spend the day in my madhouse.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, at least I hope not.  Scott stayed with the boys again (father of the year??).  So we had a fabulous lunch and enjoyed a beautiful girls day out.  When we got home we took the boys for a little walk, I think I may have scarred her for live with the boy’s dinner/bedtime stuff (it get’s crazy around here) but I think she’ll come back!  I was seriously in the dumps after she left – we’ve been friends since we were 5 – skipping the past 13 years – so it’s like reuniting with family.

Sunday – cold rainy Sunday.  We took the boys to a “touch a truck” event nearby.  It was neat.  They had big tractor trailer trucks, and all kinds of construction trucks and equipment, dumptrucks, backhoes, firetrucks, armored SWAT trucks – and things like that – and the kids could get right up in there and see it all.  It was alot of fun and would have been more so if they didn’t let every child in the trucks pull on the air horns.  That was awful.  Poor Aiden was beside himself hysterical on several occasions, James was once or twice.  It’s loud and scary when your standing right in front of a truck and the air horn goes off (and you’re 9 months old).  So we might not do that again right away.  But really cute idea!

That was about it… nothing horribly exciting.  I’ve GOT to get more creative in my posts.  You all must be drooling with boredom.  Get a towel and clean yourselves up already!!!!!  STay tuned, better things to come I promise!!

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