Totally Bananas

Annie Lebowitz??? Not Exactly!

 So I’m not sure if I mentioned my Mother’s day gift before, but it was shoes.  But, in my rational mind I realized that I sort of aimed low when I was asked what I wanted because regardless of a holiday or gift, if I find a pair of shoes I like, I’m gonna buy them.  So in all, shoes really aren’t a good gift for me.  So I decided that I needed a new digital camera.  I wanted to be able to capture the special moments of our children instead of the moments after – like I do now with our current camera.

I researched within our budget and found this fabulous Canon Powershot S5IS that seemed to be the best point and shoot camera for the money, and about the closest step down from a DLSR that I really wanted.  But those are not within our budget.  So my sweet loving husband brought it home yesterday and am I allowed to say that I’m not in love??  I have taken several AWESOME pictures, but they are the exception rather than the rule.  The everday kids running around pictures are blurry and horrible.  I cringe to think that I’d rather use our Kodak dinosaur than this awesome brandy new hi-tech picture taking machine.

The problem is, it’s slow to focus and shoot.  If it doesn’t focus it’s very blurry if it takes the picture at all.  Surely there is a setting that I can adjust somewhere, but since I’m new at this “hobby” and exploring anything beyond the “auto” button, I have no clue what to look for.  What I want is to be able to push the shutter button and have it take a picture regardless of what else is going on in the camera.  For whatever reason my Kodak 3 year old camera can take a decent picture of a child in motion, it’s not blurry and it may not be the picture I was looking for but it’s clear and it took it.  This camera may or may not actually take said picture and if it does it’s blurry b/c the subject was in motion.  ARGGGG!!!

So, I KNOW there are a couple of you that read my blog that are photosmart (that’s my new word – and I am NOT) so HELP ME please!!!!!  I can’t possibly tell Scott that I don’t like it, especially since it got great reviews and I really put thought into this decision.  I has got to be the operator and I’ll admit it.


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