Totally Bananas

We have WORK!

The excavation contractor finally showed up yesterday.  Apologizing all over the place for the delay, I guess the job he was on prior to this turned out to be chaos – and the homeowner had all these things planned for his equipment that mr. contractor never knew about.  Sooooooo….. whatever, at least he showed up because….. Mr. Hottie Tree Guy is still MIA.  Yup, he called and said he’d be here Tuesday, but he was a noshow.  And the other guy has tried to get in touch with him several times and can’t seem to get a call back.  ARG!

But not to be entirely selfish, I’m over the “I’m sick” stuff.  If this isn’t done by the end of the week (month #2) we will find someone else to do it.  However, the guy that came yesterday graded off the yard, so at least now James has open flat space to romp and frollic – instead of craters filled with roots on which to impale himself.  So he enjoyed the new giant sandbox yesterday after his nap, but I think he enjoyed watching the bulldozer more. 

With any luck Mr. Hottie Tree Guy will show is increasingly ugly face around here today.  He’s got until 10-10:30 to make an appearance before I take matters into my own hands!!! ….and nobody wants that!!!!!!!!!!


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