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Billy – oh Billy

So last night was my long awaited Billy Joel concert.  And can I tell you what a concert it was.  The tickets we had were good, in the lower section (not floor) on the side, two sections away from the stage, so we were doing good and just happy to be there. 

Billy Joel - Perth 7 November 2006.jpgI went with my sister in law, and as soon as we got into the arena (tickets ripped, bags searched) she had to hit the ATM.  She walked up to the machine and this guy was making a bee-line for her.  I’m standing by ready to deck the creep, and he gets up to her and says “can I see your face, turn around?”  I’m thinking so this is how a kidnapping and a rape goes down.  So in a split second she turns around and I’m ready to beat this guy with my purse 80 year-old style.  Mr. Kind Gentleman (see where this is going) says “you two girls meet our critieria” (whatever that means) “Here are two VIP front row tickets courtesy of Billy Joel” -excuse me, what?!?!  He then says “all you have to do is make sure you dance”  -ummmm done!!!  So we hugged the creepy man, and skipped on our merry way!

After we got some food and beverages we went to the special escalator that only *special* people get to use.  We showed our tickets and wouldn’t you know, they let us in.  We had an usher escort us to our seats (they were second row by the way – I’m not complaining).  We were giggling like fools – like we’ve never been this close before – which we haven’t.  So the people next to us were probably thinking we were a bunch of morons, but who cares we were in the SECOND row!!

We needed pictures to prove this to our husbands (who both thought the tickets were scams).  So I turned on my charm and walked up to the security guard in front of us and asked if he’d take our picture at the stage (AT THE STAGE!).  Kind sir said sure.  So he took the picutre and as he handed my sister in laws phone back to her he told us that after song #9 they allow the first 2 rows to charge the stage.  ACK!!!  So we giggled some more!!!

The song came up, we grabbed our purses and left our old lady sweaters not completely caring whether or not they got stolen.  We marched our selves right up there, climbed over some chairs, and wouldn’t you know were were RIGHT at the stage.  Billy was so close! And then…. he did one song where he was goofing around with the microphone stand, using it as a guitar and such, and he took the stand by the base and held it so the microphone was down to the crowd at the stage to sing into – right in front of ME!  I sang into his microphone!!  But wait there’s more!!!

So then, he was down walking the perimeter of the stage and touching the hands of all his adoring fans, and I touched him.  How crazy is that.  Every possible thing that could have happened did.  And after the concert I won $60 in a slot machine so I bought a new pair of Coach sneakers.  All in all a GREAT night!!!


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  1. * AmyG says:

    Oh, I am sooo jealous! lol I’m glad you had a GREAT time, though!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * Tasha says:

    OMG!!!! NO fair! That must have been amazing. And I bet the concert was really good, too. LOL. Where are the pictures, woman? Share share!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  3. * Karen says:

    I agree..Where are the pictures? What a crazy night. You should have played the lottery too 🙂

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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