Totally Bananas

It’s DONE!!!

The back yard is done.  We should have grass to mow by July 4th!!!!  The troops rallied over last week and finished it all up.  Seed is down, fertilizer, and a nice layer of straw over it all. Woohoo….

And just as I was so sad to see my time with Mr. Hottie Tree Guy come to an end, there was some divine intervention for certain.  His huge dumptruck broke down in our driveway.  Awww… that’s too bad.  So it’s been here since Friday, and I keep telling him that there’s no rush, I got my car out of the garage and he can use whatever he needs.  It’s Monday and he’s still here.  No one knows that under the cloak of darkness at night I go out with a hammer and break something else on his truck.

I’m sure that either this afternoon or tomorrow he’ll fix whatever needs fixing and be on his merry way – but it was fun while it lasted.  I’ll upload my camera and share the pictures later.  This new camera DOES have a stalker setting so I have a couple close up ones that I was able to score rather inconspicuously – they aren’t quality pictures, but you’ll get the idea.


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