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Blues Clues Handy Dandy Notebook w/crayons - 4 pack I hate to dissappoint again.  But here I am with nothing to blog about.  Not that there aren’t plenty of topics, it’s just that I think of these fabulous topics throughout the day and when it comes to put it down on…. computer I’m clueless.  I need a handy dandy notebook to keep my blog thoughts together.  I was going to do a “deep thoughts” post and still may, but all my deep thoughs are currently fleeting so that’s out.  I was going to do something totally awesome about my back yard because *gee, that’s original*, but I don’t have recent pictures, nor are the old ones downloaded.  Then there’s always a stand by…. the kids did this today, but…. the pictures again…. I need to get downloading.

I do owe you all a couple pictures of Mr. Hottie Tree Guy, and I have those downloaded.  So I shall deliver, as promised.

045.jpg picture by slcuster04

046.jpg picture by slcuster04

Sorry they are so blurry, stalker setting comes with a price.  We have grass… I have pictures taken 3 days ago, but it’s grown SO much since then that it’s not worth even showing you.  I’ll get new ones tomorrow in the daylight.  Now when I look outside, I see a sea of green…. yahoo!!!

I’m so sick of talking about this back yard.  I promise I’ll get more creative!!  I just have to remember all these great ideas I think of when I’m in the shower.   ….because I certainly don’t think of Mr. Tree Man when I’m in there… it’s all blog business -honest!!!


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  1. * Jeanna says:

    Wooohooo! Mr Tree Man is a hottie!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * theilles2 says:

    Tree McSteamy!!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  3. * Jen says:

    Yum. You weren’t kidding.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  4. * Tasha says:

    Holy crap…that is a hottie tree guy. What the hell!? Does tree guy have any gardening brothers in Las Vegas?

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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