Totally Bananas

Answered Prayer

how could you forget his cutie face?!

*photo stolen from OhAmanda – stolen from Amber’s blog*

I cannot begin to tell you how many times in my life I have diligently gone to the Lord in prayer and not had it answered.  I need to qualify that by saying I have not had it answered *my way*.  The Lord’s way and timing is perfect, and needs not be explained to me, but occasionally it is nice to see.

This is one of those times when you can almost see the Lord’s actual hand right in the middle of a situation.  There are times when it is sickening hard to let go and let God take control, but how relieving it is when He takes right over and makes things right.

A few weeks ago I posted about little Nate and the hurdle that he was facing.  I quickly went into a funk, and just wrapped myself around my little Aiden and have since let him get away with pretty much anything he wants.  I just couldn’t get over how unfair things were and how short and fragile life was.  When I’d feed Aiden in the middle of the night (because I still have to do that) I’d just hold him a little while after he was finished, and think of Amber and Nate, and how blessed I was.

Well anyway, enough about me.  Nate is well!  All his tests came back normal, and if there were words on this earth I’d be able to tell you all how happy I am for the Ferrell family.  Praise the Lord, that’s simply all I can say.  Read her blog, and you will truly be amazed how the Lord has shown himself through that little boy.

Thank you Amber and Nate for helping me cherish the tiny precious moments with my little guy.  Sometimes at 2am I can take him for granted!  You and Nate will continue to be in my prayers for a long time!!! 🙂

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