Totally Bananas


My blog, my blog, why hast I forsaken thee….  We’ve been on a vacation of sorts that’s why.  I have a huge issue with blogging or being online in general when my hubby is sitting next to me… just feels rude to me.  And that’s just my opinion, and the way things work around here.  So needless to say, Scott’s been home and I haven’t been online.  So sorry….

What we did while we were on vacation?  OH you really want to know?  OK, we (I mean I really had no part in this) mowed our brandy new back yard for the first time.  We played alot in the back yard!!!  We did all our new plantings in the front flower beds and mulch galore….  We ran many an errand, and we also spent a day at Mystic Aquarium.

During our trip to the aquarium, my darling sweet Aiden screamed – oh did he scream the entire hour ride.  So after we got home – it took all Scott had not to drive us into a ditch – we researched headrest DVD players, and now we are proud owners of a Disney DVD player set, can’t go wrong w/ Disney can ya?  We haven’t tried it out yet, but will in the next few days.  I feel a trip to Sturbridge Village coming on, and we have a wedding this weekend.

So not to bore you, I will leave you with some pictures from the aquarium.

041-3.jpg picture by slcuster04

043-1.jpg picture by slcuster04

020.jpg picture by slcuster04

047-2.jpg picture by slcuster04

062.jpg picture by slcuster04

066.jpg picture by slcuster04

068-1.jpg picture by slcuster04


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