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 So recently I discovered Facebook.  I am a smidge hooked.  I’ve been on it for a few months, April I believe.  I was introduced to it by some of my mommy friends that live in my computer (see my entire blogroll, save 1), they got me hooked into playing word games on it, and I’m a word game nut but that’s another blog for another time.  So anyway, I always checked in to take my turns and see where I stood on any particular game’s leaderboard (usually always somewhere behind Wendy).  I never really *got* the whole Facebook phenomenon, nor how to use it beyond the word games that I so diligently and faithfully participated in. 

Until…. one fateful day a few weeks ago at my mom’s Pampered Chef party.  She had invited my grandmother and her friend.  I had gone to school with my grandmother’s friend’s daughter, and being that they were family friends, I knew her quite well beyond just going to school together.  As time went on we lost touch as commonly happens, and wouldn’t you know she came to the Pampered Chef party too.  We got to chatting about nothing in particular, she has a little boy roughly the same age as James, and doesn’t live very far so we are going to make a point to get together.  YAY, but to the point.  As I was getting ready to leave, she asked if I had Facebook so we could stay in touch rather than jotting numbers on a napkin that may or may not get remembered before that outfit hit the wash machine.  I said, “why yes, I do”.  So poof, the very next day I get an email that she wanted to be my friend.

Can I just say how self edifying it is to see emails from people who completely ignored you in highschool (she was not one of those people and I’ll never say who they are) now asking to be your friend.  It’s like you are the ultimate in coolness and they must ask your approval for friendship.  It certainly sounds much more glamorous than it really is, because one can simply be someones friend without merely uttering (or typing for that matter) a single word to them.  However, this also allows for a little picking and choosing.  For example: One can recieve a friend request and think “hmmm… I don’t recall getting an invitation to your 9th birthday and rumor had it that there was a pony and a pinata filled with real sized candy, not the crummy Halloween sized stuff… so no, you cannot be my friend.”

I’m not saying I’ve done any of this discretionary friend choosing, I’m just saying it’s possible.

I’ve also learned that people I went to school with grew up and had children much like I did, and the teachers that I had in school just got OLD – much like I did NOT!  And, on a different note, Facebook has opened my eyes to the fact that some people that I had pinned as completely computer illiterate have more friends and applications than I ever thought possible.  I guess you really can teach old dogs new tricks.

Now if any of you reading this are from my high school be it student or teacher – first off, welcome to my blog and leave a comment for crying out loud, I like to know who is reading!, Second, hop over to my facebook page and you’ll never ever figure out who I’m talking about in any of this because I’ve never turned down a friend, nor will I ever confess who I may think is computer illiterate.  SO THERE!

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  1. * Tasha says:

    So my kid’s babysitter just found me on facebook. I accepted her invitation, however, now I am kind of regretting it. There are lots of pictures of her partying it up and boyfriend inthe hot tub kind of pics…..time to find a new babysitter?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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