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And Just Like That, He’s a Big Boy…

The day night I dreaded finally came.  I looked forward to it, and cried over it all the same.  My little peanut went into his big boy bed.  All that’s left now is potty training and he’ll be all grown up. *sniff*

I know James is smart, and I clearly don’t give him enough credit.  I have worried about his cognitive development on and off, but it’s mainly when I compare him to other kids his age, and I know full well that toddlers all do things at different rates and times.  So to sum it up, he doesn’t speak in full sentences, he doesn’t necessarily answer questions -yes, no, or otherwise – he usually just repeats what I say.. for instance “Do you want juice or milk?”  “Juice mommy, milk”  So to know if he actually “gets” something is left up in the air.  Potty training he doesn’t even give a thought to – it’s more like I sit here with my pants off and mommy stares at me and tells me to grunt …Whatever….

So in the build up for this big boy bed, I got all jazzed up and very animated over it.  We talked about it for a few days, and we were going to get it over the 4th, but thanks to the fine people at Babies R Us (another rant blog for another day) we couldn’t easily get our hands on a toddler bed over the weekend.  So anyway, we go to BRU to get the bed, and it didn’t happen and James didn’t seem to care.  So I figured the bed ordeal would be a wash and he would A) not care at all about it, and end up on the floor or in his crib at some point or B) hate it altogether and rip all his blankets off of it and insist that his crib is his bed.

So yesterday comes and I’m online poking around at Walmart’s website and find a bed.  Convenient enough they tell you if your local store carries that item and if it’s in stock (Walmart is a scary place around here which is why it wasn’t an option w/ the kids over the weekend).  I found a cute little sleigh bed, and it was in stock.  I email Scott, he grabs it on his way home, and I start the big boy bed talk all afternoon.  James either hears me or doesn’t, he doesn’t let on either way.

Scott walks in with a big box, and James goes running to the door “my bed my bed” Whoa – who knew he listened!  Scott marches right up stairs to assemble the bed, James goes back to A Bug’s Life (the movie du jour).  I periodically check in on the assembly to make sure a headboard wasn’t going to get launched through his window, and come back down and report the progress to James.  I finally decide to bring him up with me so he can see what Daddy is doing.  BIg mistake.  He screamed, he wanted in that bed now – it was in a heap of boards on the floor but he didnt’ care.  So I fought him down stairs and told Scott to get a move on.

He finally finished putting it all together and brought all the boxes down, and gave the “hi” sign.  I released the beast and he FLEW up the stairs, “my BED MY BED MY BED”  I couldn’t believe he got it.  He rounded the corner at the top of the stairs and just beamed when he saw it.  He knew it was his bed, and he was thrilled.  He climbed in grabbed all his blankies and hopped into his bed and said “night night”.  Good boy….

We took everything out of his room, I gave him a basket to keep his crib friends in, so he can have them next to him and he’s got a little chair next to the bed to keep his water on, and some books on his dresser.  So he’s limited with what he can play with.  And all in all, it was a good night.  I needed to learn to let him play until he fell asleep – he did it in his crib, now he does it in his room.  I said several times “maybe he’s not ready” as he’s thumping and giggling up there.  But at about 9pm all was quiet and he was snoozing away in his bed….

Here are some pictures of his first moments with his new room….

006-2.jpg picture by slcuster04 Flying up the stairs so fast I couldn’t get the flash going.

007-2.jpg picture by slcuster04 Look at that smile, that’s the first sight of the bed.

008-2.jpg picture by slcuster04Hopped right in

009-1.jpg picture by slcuster04I don’t know if he was this happy at Christmas?!?

012-1.jpg picture by slcuster04What’s with all this extra blanket garbage!?!??

013-1.jpg picture by slcuster04I quickly made up the bed while he was distracted to get a picture of it…. pardon the rest of the mess there was a smidge o’ excitement going on!

014.jpg picture by slcuster04 OK everyone out, it’s MY ROOM!

Sorry this was so wordy, but I’m a mom, and this is my first toddler bed!!!!


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  1. * theilles2 says:

    What fun!! How cute is he?!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  2. * amygg says:

    I’m loving the bed! It’s so cute! And I’m loving the excitement on his face. I’m glad it went better than you probably thought it would. HUGS! It’s hard to let em go, isn’t it?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  3. * Tracey says:

    That’s great the transition went so smoothly! It looks like he really loves that bed.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  4. * Tasha says:

    Aw sweet!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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