Totally Bananas

Congratulations ——!




Christina….. out of respect for anyone who hasn’t watched yet!

I knew she’d be the best long term investment for Chef Ramsey.  Petrozza put in a good fight, but if I were looking to hire him, his sing-songy voice would just annoy the socks right off of me!  To each their own!!!

Anyway, Congratulations Christina, I was pulling for her right along since the beginning.  She seemed very real at the end saying that it was like a fairy tale and things like this do really happen even for big goobers like her.  Too funny – but very real.  Best of luck to her.  I truly hope Petrozza makes something big of himself.  He has great potential – now I love lobster a little more than the next girl, but his lobster dish last night looked just plain scary.

And was it me, or did anyone else wish they were there having Gordon Ramsey spray champagne all over them and offering up kisses like candy??? Lucky girl that Christina is!!!

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