Totally Bananas

A Man to Love!

Last year right around this time, I was largely pregnant with Mr. Aiden (due early Sept.).  And one Friday night I discovered that I was having contractions.  We went to a party the next day and I called the Dr. on Monday – not really knowing what to expect.  They wanted to see me, and the Dr. checked me and I was nearly 4cm dialated so she told me not to pass go, but go directly to the hospital.  Scott and I simultaneously freaked out, got it together, and drove to the hospital, where I spent the next 24 hours getting injections every 4 hours to stop the contractions.  Upon being discharged I was put on strict bedrest until I was several weeks closer to my due date. 

What the dr. didn’t know was that this bedrest really put a cramp in the celebration of a monumentous birthday in my opinion.  I was turning 20-10 and nearly needed a dr.’s note to walk from the couch to the kitchen table to have a piece of cake.  Not what I had anticipated that day being when I was 25.  But you take life as it comes, the Lord doesn’t ask questions when he hands you trials.  So what’s a girl to do anyway.  I sat on the couch pouted and colored in my princess coloring book that my mother in law brought me – that’s what!

Well, turn the page to this year – and what a year it has been.  I could re-cap but I’ll save that for the ACTUAL day (mark your calendars!).  My sweet sweet husband has been talking about getting away sans children for a while now – more like wishful thinking but it’s nice to wish!  Well finally he asked if my parents would be willing to spend the night with the boys.  Um, yah!  So he tells me he wants to take me away for my birthday – locally but just the two of us.  YEEE HAW!  The other night, he books a hotel in RI (with a Starbucks in the LOBBY – I’m in heaven), schedules me for a massage at the hotel spa, and then tells me to go buy a few new outfits for our little trip.  Um, excuse me, who are you and what did you do with my husband?!?!  I knew he had a sweet streak, but I never knew he was capable of this!  The trip is to a section of RI, I guess you could technically call it “little Italy” – but he’s made reservations at this teeny little Italian restaurant, and there’s all kinds of little cafes and pastry shops within walking distance.  I warned him that we are going to fill the car with one of EVERYTHING to bring home (and I don’t share well).

So anyway, that’s my gift – and I can’t wait!  I’ve already done my shopping!!!!  We aren’t going for a couple of weeks, but I’ll let you know how it goes when we get back!!!!  I’m so excited!  And all I got for his birthday is 2 Red Sox Tickets – and he HAS to take me…. and we are going with MY friends.  HAHAHAHA.

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