Totally Bananas

Tackle it Tuesday

….I always want to abbreviate that title, but it never seems appropriate to do so – this is a family blog!

Well, my tackle it is vacuuming, and cleaning the dining room.  Vacuuming is just because it’s that time of the week and it needs to be done, but – I intend to do everything, like under the beds and heaters and the corners of the hardwood floors – not just the visible carpet like always.  -I’m such a slacker!

The dining room is the biggest catch-all in our house.  It’s just a disaster, and you can bet your bippy that once I clean it today, it will be littered with garbage the second my husband gets home from work.

……OK, so I finished all my chores, and was prepared to show you before and after pictures, but while I was vacuuming the dining room something happened, and the room is trashed again.  You see a few weeks ago, James was playing in the play room and he grabbed the curtains and pulled and down they came, hardware and all.  So I moved the giant curtain rod into the dining room until my sweet hubby could replace the hardware.  Well, I’m still waiting and the huge rod was on the floor in the dining room so I picked it up to vacuum under it, and the whole stinking rod bent in half.  So now the whole disaster is sitting on the table and I can’t bare to look in there.

Such is my life – and why my house will never be completely clean!


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