Totally Bananas

Man 0 – Pyrex 1…

So, Funny story….

I was making mac n’ cheese last night for the boy’s dinner and I reached down to get my Pyrex measuring cups that I have nested one in the other under my counter, and lo and behold all 3 came up attached to the one I grabbed.  I looked at Scott with loving eyes and said “can you deal with this please?”; while I scooted around him to grab the individual measuring cups and continue preparing my gourmet dinner sponsored by the people at Kraft.

So Scott tried and tried, but he couldn’t pry them apart.  Then the scientist kicked in, pour soap down the sides to loosen it, nope.  How about contraction and expansion???  Put them in the freezer – nope.  How about boiling water – nope.  Ok, let’s contract one and expand the other….. Ice cubes in the top one, soak the bottom one in the water – uugh nope.  My poor hubby is feeling defeated.  After about 45 min. of trying we know there is one way to get them apart and we both know what it is.  I had a different approach in mind – but his ego was severely bruised so I wasn’t going to start giving orders.

He marched outside on the deck and heaved those poor measuring cups as far into the yard (the yard our kids play in, the yard we worked so hard to make) as he could.  One survived, one shattered.  My approach would have been to drop them off the side of the deck that contains the side yard where our children DO  NOT play – but clearly that wouldn’t have worked effectively.  So my hubby, realizing what a stupid decision he just made, spent the evening outside picking glass out of our lawn.

Way to go!


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  1. * theilles2 says:

    love it!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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