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Gone in a flash.

Apparantly I didn’t last a whole 2 hours on Top Mama.  After that whole Facebook experience, this is one way to bring a woman’s ego right back down to earth. hahaha

The reality of it is, I don’t know exactly how long I lasted, but not long enough for someone to click on me within 24 hours of me posting it.   It’s ok, I know you all still love me.  I don’t need some blog website to tell me that I need to post on here more, and to keep it interesting.  Unfortunately – or fortunately my life isn’t horribly exciting.  Aiden started walking almost a month ago and is going farther and farther every day.  And James still hasn’t figured out that pee and poop go in the potty.  For him it’s just a fun place to sit while he watches TV.  *sigh*  Seriously, no body wants to hear this stuff.

So anyway – this Not-So-Top Mama is signing off from another post here in Boring Town. Ho hum……

🙂  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll pick a random topic to blog about – like the dilema of choosing either butter or margarine??? or what is acutally required of my hair for it to be considered a good hair day???  Ohhhhh… stay tuned, I’m on a roll.

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  1. * Kacey says:

    Oh, Shanna, you know we love you! You never fail to make me laugh. And BTW, if you do discover the secret to a good hair day, please share.

    He’s WALKING already? OMG!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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