Totally Bananas

Hello Computer

It seems like forever that I’ve been away.  And by away I mean not only neglecting my blog, but neglecting my computer as well.  I haven’t checked email, bloglines, facebook – none of it.  I’ve been technology deprived since last Friday.  Summer is just a busy time for us, and since I have a thing about doing computer stuff with my husband sitting right there staring at me, I choose to do all this business while he’s working during the day.  (note: he does NOT have the same issue as I do and he’s perfectly content to spent his quality time with me surfing away).

So anyway – my mom has been on vacation the last 2 weeks and we’ve just been running around with her.  I tend to leach on to her when she’s not working because she deals with the boys and I get my mind back.  It’s nice once in a while ya know.  Yesterday we spent the day at Old Sturbridge Village.  We have a membership and go quite frequently as it is a nice half way point between here and my grandmother’s house and I like that we can see her often without either one of us giving up food for a day to afford the gas.  So as a result my boys know her well and love to see her.  We went with my parents and grandmother and my cousin Nathan who James spent the day calling “Nature” (don’t have a clue).  It was a great day, lots of fun and 2 very tired boys at the end of it all.  Aiden was asleep by the time I hit the highway and James got 2 time outs between the time we got home and dinner (each one’s sleepiness manifests in it’s own ways).

Sunday we took the boys to New London for the Fish tales, Tugs & Sails 2008.  That was loads of fun and both boys had a great time, but boy was it HOT – even right on the water!  James and Daddy got to go aboard the Mystic Whaler and hear pirate stories while mommy and Aiden shared a yogurt (I think I got the short end of that deal!). 

0902.jpg picture by slcuster04 

Then we got some new fishy-type children’s books and had them autographed by their authors.  Then we went over to the Mystic Aquarium exhibit where Mr. James bucked right up and pet a horseshoe crab (ICK!)  I’m holding him saying “eww don’t touch it” and the lady from the aquarium says “oh no, it’s fine he can pet them”.  Being COOL MOM I couldn’t say no – despite the nasty germ-y-ness of the whole thing and the Wash-your-hands factor that was to follow so I let him, and without hesitation he very gently pet the top of it, and she flipped it over so he could touch all it little creepy crawly legs.  BLAHHHHHHHH……

0962.jpg picture by slcuster04

So that’s where I’ve been.  Busy – with 2 kids.  No where else I’d rather be…………. most of the time.


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