Totally Bananas

I Think I’m a Snob

And everyone who knows me is saying… “it’s about time she figured it out!”

No, but seriously.  I think I’m a water snob.  Ever since I stopped nursing James at about 7months old, I required that we have bottled water in the house to mix his bottles with.  And then there was Aiden, more bottled water.  Now, praise the Lord, Aiden has transitioned to whole milk (hurl!) and we are saving roughly $20/week!! But, there is no longer that pressing need to have bottled water in the house.  Mind you, we have well water, so we aren’t drinking city garbage but it still makes me cringe.  We fertilize our lawn and all that stuff, and what actually seeps into the water table is debatable.  Not to mention, have you ever seen those drain-o commercials where they show the gunk on the inside of pipes… to think that our water pipes might remotely look like that makes me want to throw up just a little.  I KNOW they are drains but still.

And then there’s the swimming issue.  I’m an ocean girl.  Plain and simple.  I won’t put my feet in any water that isn’t connected to another continent, or heavily chlorinated.  Lakes give me the heebie jeebies like a big giant, unfiltered toilet.  BLECK!!!  I just can’t do it.

So spill it, are you a water snob or am I the only one?!?!?


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