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Think About it Thursday!!!

Ok, for the record, there were NO other people out there that will only drink bottled water.  Thanks!  Thanks for NOT making me feel like a complete oddball.  I know you all are out there – confess already.

Anyway, for this week’s Think About it Thursday, I’ve opted to go for something more along the lines of “things that make you go hmmmm….”.  Not actually a quote, more of a fact of life.

So think about it – think about all of the strangers in the world that you have passed in your life that were taking pictures.  Think about how many different people have pictures that you are in.  In the background – at a restaurant with a fork ready to be plunged into your waiting mouth, on the street mid-sneeze or at the beach discreetly picking a chronic wedgie.  Think about how those people review their photos every now and then and have a good laugh at our expense.  Hmmmmm…………

Look at the lump in the restaurant – poor guy has no clue that he’s really the star of the photo!  Not my photos by the way!

Oh Hillary!

And if you’re the least bit squeamish please look away…….

Please don’t hang this picture over the mantle!

background-people_1.jpg picture by slcuster04

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  1. * theilles2 says:

    that is (grossly) halarious! Also, the water bit…I rarely drink anything other than bottled water…and I also hate swimming in lakes! Could Lake Thompsen have ruined us for lakes forever???

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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