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Labor Day!

May God bless my mother in law for spending her Labor day, oh so many years ago, in Labor giving birth to my sweet husband.  Happy Birthday Schmoopy! …..yesterday….

So several bloggy friends told the tale of their labors in honor of Labor day – I’m a little late, but this is a mommy blog and it just wouldn’t be complete without a good old fashion labor story or two, am I right?!?!?

Here we go!!!  Don’t worry, I’ll keep them quick and sans gore!

James – Started out with a routine Dr. appointment (10am).  My BP was high for the first time ever and she sent me to the hosp. to be monitored.  At the hospital the Dr. that was on call from my practice said the baby is fine, and I’m fine so why risk any further complications, let’s induce.  (2pm) Dr. breaks my water.  (5pm) I start noticing contractions.  (7pm) Got me one of them epidural thingys.  (9:34pm) Mr. James dives head first into the world not breathing.  He gets whisked away to the special care nursery with everyone telling me he’s fine.  OK, so bring him back to me.  (12:30am) I see my sweet boy for the first time.  The rest is history!!!

Aiden – oh Aiden.  First Trimester, I had a dr. appt every two weeks because I’m consistently losing weight rather than maintaining or gaining (we’ll visit this again later).  26 weeks pregnant, see Dr. because of a consistent cramp, she checks me, I’m dialating.  In the hospital, turns out to be a UTI, send me home.  All in all a very easy pregnancy so far – no, really it was a much easier pregnancy than James.  I tried to tell people this but they didn’t believe me.  34 weeks pregnant – making cookies for a picnic one Friday night.  It occurs to me that these random contractions I’m having seem to be coinciding with the timer for each tray of cookies I’m baking.  I start to pay attention and they are about 10min. apart.  I go to bed, we go to the picnic on Sat. and then Sunday I vaguely remember some contractions as well.  I call the Dr. on Monday and they see me right away.  Dr. says I’m 4cm dialated and sends me to the hospital.  On their monitors I’m contracting pretty regularly so they admit me and dose me up pretty big on terbutaline which makes me shake like a freak.  I recieve injections every 4 hours all night and they send me home 24 hours later with a script for the same med in pill form…. why I couldn’t get pills that night was beyond me.

I get home and must set my alarm and take the pills every 4 hours on the dot for the next at least 2 weeks.  36 weeks preg. they opt to keep me on the terb. for another week because Aiden is measuring “small for dates”.  He measures about 32 weeks.  Day before 37 weeks, the terbutaline stops.  37 weeks!  Dr. appt reveals I’ve stopped dialating and am now at 3cm.  I’m devastated, I’m ready now and he’s not coming.  I go home and pout.  I was sick as a dog that night and we opt to sleep on the couch because I was comfy and didn’t want to move.  I woke up at about 4am from a weird dream that I was getting beat up, turns out those punches were contractions.  I jumped into the shower to help ease them…. and they hit hard.  I told Scott to call his parents while I dried my hair (a girl’s got priorities)  We head to the hospital and I start pushing about 4 min into the 6 min. ride.  The guard at the hospital tells us that he’ll unlock the L&D door and let us in that way (not unlocked until 7am).  We pull up to the door – in a fire lane – the guard can’t get the door unlocked. I head for the park bench and continue my panic because I didn’t want to deliver outside, and my water proceeds to break.  Finally the door opens and a wheel chair ends up behind me.  Scott picks me up and puts me in it because I cannot move.  We get inside and up to the 2nd floor they high tail me to a room, and within about 10 min. Mr. Aiden is born at 5:14 am – with no meds.  Born screaming and excuse me, is he HUGE?!?  He was put right to my chest and they took him from me about 1/2 hr. later to check him over on the other side of the room (Scott goes down and moves the car to a parking spot).  During one of his pedi. exams the dr. commented on how large his cord was and that was why he was so big.  I mentioned my weight issue early on and he said that was probably why.  He’s been sucking the life out of me from the very beginning.  He never left our room until the next day.  Talk about two totally different experiences.  Our scary- pre-term labor- borderline preemie – tipped the scales at 7 lbs. 5oz.  No need to worry I guess, but we did spend an extra night so he could be monitored a little more.

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  1. * Jodi says:

    Oh, I love birth stories! And I remember about Aiden and the park bench. Crazy! I’ve had two that came that quickly after arriving at the hospital. Basically, I’ve learned that once my water breaks, somebody better be ready to catch the baby. Let’s hope it doesn’t break at home or in the car this time!

    I was actually in labor with Pippa on Labor Day 4 years ago, and I should’ve thought to do a post about that – d’oh! Maybe next year 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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