Totally Bananas

There’s A Storm Front Coming!

…told you I like Billy Joel!

Anyway.  I live in the northeast and one thing is for certain up here and that’s the fact that the weather is manic.  Today is predicted to be nearly 90, while 2 days from now it’s supposed to barely be mid-70’s.  In the evenings now, we are dipping into the 50’s – are you paying attention, that’s nearly 40 degrees in one day.  The boys wake up in the morning freezing, but when I put them to bed at 7pm it’s still rather warm…. I can’t win.

Atlantic Infrared SatelliteSo now, we are staring right down the barrel of 2 hurricanes, Hanna and Ike.  They don’t scare me much – it’s not like we are in the middle of hurricane country ya’ know. But still – we need to take some action.  That being said, the action is as simple as putting all the back yard toys in the garage, taking down the umbrella from the patio set, and bringing in our mums.  That’s about it – oh and the generator incase we lose power, that will be all ready to go ’cause we spent the money on the crazy thing it’s nice to use it once in a while.  I’m going to the store for milk and bread because we NEED it not because I think I may be trapped in our house for the next 6 weeks. 

Hanna is to make landfall today sometime in the Carolinas and work her way up the coast.  I live about 40 miles inland so I don’t expect more than a breezy (ok, windy) rain.  And, again, Connecticut is quite a ways up on the path of this thing so my prediction is that it will lose a significant amount of steam before it gets here. 

Ike on the other hand is still a mystery to everyone.  Our meteorologist didn’t have much to say today so I guess it’s still a wait and see type thing. 

And it wouldn’t be right not to pay tribute to my dear friend Hurricane Ivan who nearly 4 years ago tried his hardest to ruin my wedding day.  I’ve never seen rain like that EVER – sitting in my window with a big foofy white dress on watching it POUR cats and dogs.  Everyone said it was a sign of fertility – who knew!  Anywho – we did get some nice outside pictures in the late afternoon (the guys were half in the shooter, but whatever) and the rain is certainly not my first thought when I reflect back on my wedding day.  SO THERE!

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    Stay safe, girl!

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