Totally Bananas

Another Manic Monday!

Well, not really, but I got you to read!

Holy long time no blog.  Last week was so busy.  The boys and I went down to the shore for their first overnight excursion.  More on that later.  So we were gone Monday and Tuesday and then were in recover mode for the next few days to get schedules back in order only to go back down to the beach house on Friday.  Whew!  All in the name of hanging on to summer.

Monday was great, sunny and warm.  We got down to the shore right after lunch and we had a snack and headed to the water.  The boys had a blast at the beach.  It was Aiden’s first trip to the ocean, which we sort of make a big deal out of.  Anyway, kids were burried up to their eyeballs in sand, castles were made and stepped on, crabs were raced and there was splashing oh was there ever splashing.  We got back to the house with 2 horribly tired boys both fighting as hard as they could.  They had dinner and we all tried to settle down and me making everything as normal and routine as possible to ensure a quiet night.  Silly Mommy.

At 8pm we decided to toss Aiden in to the car and drive for a bit.  Within 2 min. he was lights out.  So I put him in the pack and play and he looked up at me and fell dreamfully to sleep.  James went up at 9 and was golden.  At 11:30 Aiden howls and the roof shakes.  I grab him and decide that this isn’t going to be good so I bring the PnP downstairs and put it up next to the couch with me.  After playing a little and grinding my teeth, I decide to put him in the car again – it’s 1:30am.  He doesn’t go to sleep but he’s dazed enough that once we get back to the house it’s pretty easy to rock him down.  Into the PnP and I’m on the couch, when I realize that my cell phone is on and pretty regularly I get spam text messages that have his horrific ring tone that is as loud as a train; so that is consuming my thoughts and I can’t get to sleep.  I don’t dare get off the couch for fear that I may have to drive around Westbrook, CT until the sun rises.  Mr. Aiden wakes up at 5:45 to greet the day.  Grrrrrr………….  All part of being mom.

Tuesday is miserable.  You’d think that this was the hurricane.  Windy and rainy and gross.  No beaching today.  I took Aiden and my grandmother to see and old friend of hers and it gave A a chance to nap in the car, and James got some serious Mimi and Papa time.  After lunch we packed up and headed for home.  I was never so glad to put Aiden to bed in his crib.

We turned on our heels and went back down on Friday.  Daddy couldn’t go for the overnight (probably a good thing in retrospect) so we wanted to go back when he could go.  Friday was another cold and miserable day.  The water was warm, but it was pretty chilly out.  Sweatshirts and pants on the beach – the boys could care less.  I rolled up their pants so they could get their piggies wet but no one wanted to go any farther than that.  We walked up and down the beach, got some glass and shells to put in Aiden’s beach jar and headed back to order dinner.  After dinner it was a quick order of jammies and pack up the car and head out.  It was pouring to say the least.  A long fussy ride home and here we are.

Ready to start a new week.


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