Totally Bananas

Guess What I Did!

I joined a soccer team.  Am I cool or what?!?  I am no doubt going to be the oldest, mom type, woman I used to feel bad for and roll my eyes at on the team.  Seriously when I was in college I played soccer for the school team, and we did very well.  However, on different teams I’d play on there were one or two people that were um, how do I put it.. old and un-athletic.  Now, the reality is, I still consider myself very much 23 or 24 years old (not even close) and very athletic even though I haven’t practiced anything remotely athletic since I was 23 or 24 in years. 

So I’m just praying that this isn’t a team full of college hot shots, because like I said before, I think I’m one of them and I could stand a very good chance of embarrassing myself.  I’m praying for the mom types with their Umbro shorts that they dug out of the closet because they are perfectly good!  That way, I may come out looking good or at the very least I’ll fit in.  We start a week from Tuesday 11/4 so I’ll let you know. 

Now I’m off to buy some totally-cool-so-not-Umbro soccer shorts, some shin pads and a cool new pair of sneaks.  Maybe I’ll get a new Adidas shirt and a cool duffel bag to put it all in too!!! Do you think I’m trying too hard?? No, really be honest.  I’m in my early twenties and I can handle it!


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  1. * AmyG says:

    Have fun with that! Look forward to hearing how your first night went!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Danielle says:

    Is it bad that I am laughing at you?

    No really that is great. Because I would be sitting on the bench cheering you on. I am so NOT athletic. You go girl.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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