Totally Bananas

It Wasn’t Me -Tuesday

This is the Tuesday version of “Not Me Monday” – a new feature that I’m trying on if I could just figure out how to do a timely blog entry on a Monday.  So here we go!!!

  • It wasn’t me that hid all the full sized candy bars that the boys got trick or treating and pretend that they were never there.
  • It wasn’t me in section 109 row F seat 12 thinking of my boys and sobbing like a baby while Rascal Flatts played “My Wish” on Sunday night.
  • It wasn’t me that had to physically remove a psychotic 2 year old from Baby Gap the other day – WHY oh WHY do they sell puzzles in there?
  • It certainly wasn’t me that had to put that same 2 year old in time out at gymnastics class yesterday…TWICE!
  • It wasn’t me that took 3 or 4 trips to the dryer to take specific items of clothing out simply because I didn’t want to deal the folding and putting away business.
  • It wasn’t me that convinced 3 other members of my family that Keurig coffee makers were the only way to go and they actually went out and got them – dude, these are expensive and the coffee ain’t cheap either.  Good thing they don’t listen to me!
  • It wasn’t me secretly hoping the rust issue on my husband’s truck is more than a little inconvenience because it would mean I get my Volvo.

Phew it’s been a busy few days, good thing I wasn’t involved in any of it.

oh and….

  • It wasn’t me that voted for Obama, and I don’t care who knows it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   … really wasn’t me 🙂

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