Totally Bananas

Why I Haven’t Blogged Lately

James coughed.  Ok, I’m not that paranoid… 

But he really did, and for some odd reason it reminded me of a certain trip that I took to Stew Leonards grocery store several months back and he coughed while we were there and I thought “Oh no, he’s sick” – then I followed that up by saying “you Dork, he coughed once.”  We were then treated to this.

And then there was a crazy trip to the dr.’s office where he fell asleep on the exam table and a level of lethargy that I’ve never seen in a child that small.  But he survived, a week of watching Finding Nemo adnauseum and snuggles and he was all better.  There was also this picture….

Sick Boy  And if that doesn’t make you feel bad, well, then you don’t have a heart.

So anyway, back to my first sentence.  James coughed… about 3 days ago.  And this is him today.

012-2.jpg picture by slcuster04

He’s grown up quite a bit in 10 months.  He now sleps with his own pillow – with Cookie Monster on it.  He also has new jammies.  and a fever and no voice, and a ‘yuckie pfroat’ cough -cough -cough.

And the other one… he spent the better part of Saturday night howling in his room because of this…

013-2.jpg picture by slcuster04

look on the top tleft side of his mouth… see that teeny tiny point of a tooth.  Number 16, that makes 8 teeth in 3 months – we should be nominated for sainthood or something equally as special that may require taking a vacation.

So, sorry I haven’t been around.  I hope everyone had a Happy ‘Panksgibbit’  we sure did.  Next year maybe Mr. James will be able to say it correctly.

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  1. * AmyG says:

    He looks so pitiful! I hope he’s feeling better soon!

    Olivia is getting her molars in… 6 all at the same time! It’s been fun around here.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  2. * Tracey says:

    Poor thing! They are so pitiful when they are stuck on the couch not feeling good!

    You should get an award for so many teeth in such a short time too!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  3. * Nicole says:

    I found you through Tasha at housewife diaries. Your poor little ones! I hate it when they get sick and hate it just as much when they are bursting with teeth. My youngest got all of his teeth at once. It looks soooo painful. I noticed your hubby was a police officer. So is mine. Hope he is feeling better.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago

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