Totally Bananas

Can Pottery Barn Really Throw Up??

Oh I wish it could…. in my house!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m currently catching up on my bloglines, and stumbled across this post from Jen at Cheaper than Therapy and words cannot express how much this post IS me, and is my life – thank you Jen for making me feel better about it with what you said at the end (this is assuming she reads my blog!!).

Did I tell you that on Halloween my sweet gonna-be-3-in-2-days year old put his head through the sheet rock in the time out corner????  That hole is now covered with DUCT TAPE!  Pottery Barn eat your heart out!!!!!!

Did I mention that the nearly $700 worth of portraits (when you pay that much they are no longer ‘pictures’) of Aiden hanging over our sofa are horribly NOT centered because said child was hanging on daddy’s leg while he was trying to put the nails in the wall, and the other child was discovering all the terribly noisy toys that we intentionally accidentally dropped behind said sofa.  I love and hate that off centered-ness on a daily basis.

Did I tell you that short of the “portraits” hanging in our playroom, the only pictures on the walls in our entire home are on nails/hooks  that were left by the previous owners.

Have I told you that on any given day there is at least one unfolded load of laundry somewhere in my home.  If I’m not expecting anyone, it’s generally on the dining room table so I’m forced to stare at it for most of the day as punishment for not tending to it.

My carpets have throw up stains (and we shampoo them too), my kitchen floor has a permanent spaghetti sauce stain on it right under the booster seat where James used to sit and where Aiden currently sits, my kitchen table, kitchen cabinets, coffee table, and all the window sills have dents, dings, and bite marks.

But……………………  I wouldn’t trade any of it for all the Pottery Barn in the world.   But if they wanted to offer me a few bits and pieces just to make sure I certainly wouldn’t turn it down!!!!!!!

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