Totally Bananas

Golden Globes 2009

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes???  ….

Yah, me either.

I was busy watching my long awaited season premier of 24.  It’s been 2 years in the making, thank you writer’s strike.  So I watched the “Redemption” special that was on a few weeks ago, and then again last week.  I have to say that I’m not really a fan of anything that involves terror and children – and this Juma guy recruiting all these little boys to be soldiers didn’t sit well.  That seemed to be a big theme in the “Redemption” episode, so I held my breath for the rest of the season.  As it turns out, it is really not based on that at all, and to be honest it wasn’t even mentioned in the premier at all I don’t  think. 

So I’m allowing myself to watch.  I, however, do want to make it know that I absolutely do NOT like the fact that Tony Almieda is the terrorist at large this season.  I’d like to say that I feel the same way about Tony as Jack does – but probably more in a girl/hot guy sorta way.  I can’t handle him being the bad guy.  Anyway, he’s supposed to be DEAD!  I cried when he died, I went through the grieving process – sorrow, anger, denial…. and finally during the past  nearly 2 years, I made my peace with it.  And What? Now he’s alive??  And he’s gone rogue??  Nope, can’t do it!  Cannot wrap my head around that one!  We shall see what tonight brings!!  Hopefully no plane crashes either (I got real scared last night!) those rate right up there with the children in war…. not good!


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