Totally Bananas

Thank Heavens!

So I mentioned yesterday that my beloved 24 is taking a plot twist that I just couldn’t handle.  Tony Almieda, one of the major ‘good guys’, had switched sides and was the terrorist at large this season.  Well, rest assured, he’s the villan but only because he’s under cover!  I KNEW IT COULDN’T BE TRUE!  I am however a little disappointed that Tony, Chloe, and Bill Buchannan have gone beyond the government and set up their own CTU operation.  Seems like it can’t end up well for them – but I guess thats what keeps us all watching.  I wanted to jump into the TV and tell Jack to stay out of it, but as usual, he doesn’t listen to me.  Typical man.

There are an awful lot of people involved in this seasons terror plot – which creates it’s own sub plot.  Money laundering, killing off people who know too much, secure concrete rooms…….  ohhh boy!  Jack got into his first major sting/shoot out last night.  That means 2 things: 1. A new season is officially underway and 2. He is no longer going to be clean shaven and in the nice oxford shirt and tie – out comes the leather messenger bag and there will forever be sweat on him and a scratch somewhere.  I LOVE this show!!!!!


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