Totally Bananas

Friday Five

5.  I gave my husband a list of 5 or 6 lights at Lowes to replace the one over our kitchen table – he did NOT chose to buy one of my selections but instead purchased one that is 2 feet wide.    Which he will end up returning later this evening when he discovers, yet again, that listening to me in the first place saves alot of time and energy.  I love him anyway.

4. The high temperature for today is 8 degrees.

3. Not one of us (except the one that went to work) has gotten out of our jammies.

2. I took James to the museum yesterday and completely forgot he only had undies on.  Thankfully they had a stock of pull-ups in the bathroom.  Phew – oh no accident to report either – it’d be awful chill-ay with  soggy drawers.

1. I can’t fathom how someone can continue to believe that there is no God after yesterdays events.  God can move a mountain and land a plane in the most ominous circumstances.  He simply decided that it wasn’t time for any of those people to be called home.  Miracles do happen!!!


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