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I’m up to my eyeballs in Geometry and Statistics, and if that wasn’t as much fun as one little person can handle in one sitting why not toss in some Physics!  Cuz that sounds like a boat load of a good time!!!!  Well, that’s what my course load is as of late.  And on top of all that I’m staring straight down the barrel of a State Educator License exam… ahem #1 of 4.  T-minus 16 days to go for that one.  Oh and it’s a 4 hour test on ….. wait for it………. MATH! While this may be my strong suit, testing is very much NOT.  I took a practice exam the other night and was largely disappointed.  But it gives me something to work on in my spare time… cuz that’s what I needed ~ something to work on.

Beyond all that, the Cop and the kids are fantabulous!  Thing 1 just finished his first year of pre-school.  Off to Pre-K next year, and Thing 2 will start pre-school in the fall.  This all hinges on Thing 2’s ability to reign supreme over his own bladder and such.  I’m hopeful, but not entirely optimistic.  Maybe he’ll start in January… we’ll see.

I’m just checking in, I haven’t posted in a forever long time.  We are just getting out summer underway and making out our plans for day trips and things to keep the monsters occupied.  A couple of little classes at the children’s museum, a trip to the zoo, fishing, and the beach all make the short list, but we like to fly by the seat of our pants and go with the moment, so we’ll see.

Stay tuned!!!!


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