Totally Bananas

More Exams

I have neglected this blog to the fullest extend of the word neglect.  That movie that I referenced in the last post was so nearly 2 whole classes ago, and it still bothers me to my very core.  But enough of that….

Do you remember wayyyyyy back in June or July when I was up to my eyelids studying for that all consuming math exam for my state teaching license??  Well, I passed, YAY!!   It’s a little overdue, but I thought I’d share anyway.  And now here I am staring down the barrel at 2 more exams coming up in 2 VERY very short weeks.  One on reading instruction and the other on comprehension and writing.  I had only scheduled one exam but then I thought “eh, bring it on, I can handle one more”.  Smart of me, eh!  So now I have a date every night with 2 study guides, I have named them Tom and Brad – don’t tell my husband.

I’m currently taking a class on curriculum development, and am not really taking away everything I had hoped I would have from it.  It’s leaving more holes in my confidence than it is filling.  Oh well, I think this may end up being a ‘trial by fire’ experience anyway.  I’m sure it will all work out, and I’ll be just fine, but right now the end seems so near, and I don’t feel nearly as prepared as I’d like.

well off to study, just thought I’d check in with an update.



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