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Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this blog to remind you all…

Please, Please…


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If that wasn’t enough, try this one….

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Our neighbor across the street was having his front door painted, and the boys loved watching it.  That is until I saw that this gentleman’s pants had quite the fear of heights.


Benefits of New England Winters

So here I sit looking out my kitchen window and all I can is a layer of ice covering everything but the inside of my house.  The high today is supposed to reach about 25 degrees.  This makes me think about moving….. south ……..way south………… like Key West or Brazil.  Every year I hate it, and every year I complain so today, I’m looking at all the positives of the cold weather and snow.  Ready, this very well may be the shortest post ever.

5. Snow is beautiful.  I love the trees with a fresh covering of snow on them.  It’s straight out of a Currier and Ives picture.

…that same snow on the trees weighs down the branches so they fall on power lines and we loose power for a week.  No power means no heat.  And it’s cold.

4. Ice skating is fun, lots and lots of fun.  I grew up on a lake and that was just what everyone did.  The boys played hockey and the girls skated around and talked about the boys.

…ice skating hurts after you reach age 24.  And falling hurts at any age.  And it’s cold.

3. Cozy sweaters.  I love to get all bundled up in front of a fire with some comfort food and a Lifetime movie.

…can’t exactly do that with 2 boys, and it’s probably wrong to hire a sitter so I can sit in another room and get fat. But it’s cold.

2. Sledding.  Our boys have discovered in the last week or so that sledding and snow angels are loads of fun.

… 2 small boys + 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of snow pants, 2 pairs of boots, 2 sets of mittens, 2 jackets, 2 hats – and then dress yourself before one of them passes out from the heat.  You’re lucky if you get outside before nap time the next day.  All that because it’s COLD

And the #1 reason why I LOVE winter in New England….. *insert drum roll*

1. When you find an old sippy cup in your car, you don’t need to be afraid to open it because it’s been in a glorified refrigerator the whole time!

….because IT’S COLD!

Do You Think They Know?

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Do you think they know how much we love them??  Or is it something that they will never know the scope of until they have children of their own?  Do they have any clue how much we revel in their simply being themselves every day.  How I wish that there was more time to soak up their personalities.  Do they know that we wish that we could video tape every single second of every single day so that we will never forget anything.

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Do you think he knows that a little piece of my heart broke when I signed him up for pre-school for this fall yesterday?  It means he’s growing up, like he should, but he’s becoming such a big boy and a little bit less of my baby.  Do you think he realizes that he hasn’t had a birthday party yet because his mommy doesn’t want him to be 3 yet? 

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Do you think he knows what is going to happen as soon as his daddy pushes that sled down the hill?  Do you think he knows that we love him more than all the stars in the sky, and he will always and forever be our little baby?  No matter what he does in life, we will always be right behind him.  Does he know that 6am is very early, but I absolutely love our quiet time together each morning?  Or that I love the smell of his hair after a bath, or that I don’t mind if he still takes a bottle when he’s 12?

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Do you think he knows how badly I want to put chapstick on his lips?  I know they hurt, he tells me they do, but he insists on wiping off whatever we put on them.  Does he know that I put Aquaphor on his sippies in a lame attempt to get something on them?  Does he know that I admire his strong will and his determination to have things the way he wants them.

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Do you think he knows that when this boo boo happened last night, my heart stopped beating for about 2 minutes?  Does he know that whatever pain he was in, I hurt 10 times more because I couldn’t make it all better?  Do you think he knows that I didn’t want to wake him up every hour last night as much as he didn’t want to be woken up -but the Dr. said to?  Does he know that throughout his entire life I want to be there to catch him every time he falls – physically or otherwise ? 

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Do you think they know that we would go to the ends of the earth so that they never have to experience one second of pain or hurt??

Do you think they know just how much they have changed our lives for the better??

Do you think they know exactly how much we love them???

I hope they do.

I’m BACK!!!

Whew – the holiday whirlwind is finally over with the small exceptions of a few people that we still need to get together with, but the bulk of the mayhem is behind us.  It’s so bittersweet.  I love love love the holidays especially now that I get to see it through the eyes of my boys and that is so much more fun than one could ever imagine.  But, on the other hand, I’m a homebody and I really don’t like the craziness that goes along with seeing people only at this specific time every year.  So while I hate to see the fun of it all end, I’m exhausted!

So all that being said, my creative bone is in hibernation and I’m stealing a post from Tasha’s blog.  She did a video blog, and you’ll thank me for not doing that because well, I’m in my jammies and a little freaky right now (oh what, it’s quarter till 2, don’t judge me – my husband’s working a double, the Jehovah’s witnesses have already been here,  honestly, who do I have to impress??) – back on point… she did a video blog about things that bug her.  So to get out all my negativity (HAHA) early this year instead of saving it for Festivus like I usually do I’m going let it all fly right now.  Please don’t get offended, I mean nothing personal by any of this.  (oh and Tasha, my husband ‘and whatnot’s’ in every other sentence he says.  I never noticed until now – thanks!!) Get ready….

1.   Again, with the offending anyone business… I’m really bugged by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Not in general, hear me out.  This one couple of ladies came by a few weeks ago, mid-morning mid-week clearly to catch all the stay-at-home mom’s desperate for adult conversation in the neighborhood ( The normal routine of ducking down below the windows and pretending to not be home until the coast is clear gets the shaft when there’s a handfull of rowdy toddlers to out you).  So I answer the door and they go into their business and hand me a tract – fine I don’t mind (much) I can be respectful of their time and their endeavor.  But today, they came back.  She reviewed what she went over with me and wanted to give me more literature.  I proceeded to tell her that we were members of a church already, and we really don’t have any questions about what happens when we die or what the purpose for the Earth is.  I saved the fact that I spent 13 years in a Christian school and by 3rd grade had memorized every piece of Scripture that she was tossing at me.  She wouldn’t let it go, my 3 year old was calling me, Aiden was crying, and this woman wouldn’t stop going through her little booklet – which she finally generously gave to me (oh THANK YOU!) but it was obvious that this wasn’t a good time, I had an irritated look, but she wouldn’t take the hint.  So I started talking and closing the door and finally she got it.  I just have a hard time with people trying to sell me their religion.  I would share the Gospel with anyone that I felt was open to it, but honestly I think it is more of a turn off when it is pushed at someone and they have no way out other than to be blunt and rude.

2. The holiday obligations.  The business of buying a fabulous obligatory gift for someone that you will neither see nor talk to for the next 364 days.  What’s even better is when you don’t see those people at all because your kids have a bedtime, so you leave the gift at a dinner party and now haven’t seen or talked to them in 2 years but will certainly be expected to buy a gift again next year.  These are the people that you probably wouldn’t even send a Christmas card to in normal circumstances – but because somewhere along the way you got a gift from them or they got one from you, you are now locked in for life because no one wants to cut the gift ties.

2b. The obligation to be in 8 places at once.  Ok, 8 is a bit of a stretch, but on Christmas eve I am expected (expected is the correct word) to be in 3 places at the exact same time.  I have finagled one to be earlier in the day and I think it is just wrong that “home” is last on the list.  So this year it got bumped to #2, and I never made it to stop #3.  Sorry.  But my boys putting out reindeer food was much more important than a dusty gift basket from someone that I haven’t seen in years.

Ok, that’s about it.  I think I’ve chewed your eyes out long enough.  There are other things but I’ll save my continued tirade for another day. 🙂 

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  I’ll give the run down and pictues later.

Wordless Wednesday – Christmas ’08!

062-1.jpg picture by slcuster04

057-3.jpg picture by slcuster04

And fixing a bowl of Reindeer food to set outside!

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Merry Christmas to all!!!

Think About it Thursday

Here’s a little comment from my 3 year old for you to ponder on.  I thought about it for a while and couldn’t make rhyme or reason from it, but I just guess that’s how it goes with 3 year olds….I”m learning.

He just bites my big toe (don’t ask, he’s 3) and says:

“Mmmm…. mommy, just like popcorn; you want some?!!”   uh no thanks!

For the record, I was clean, and he’s got this new thing about eating every pretend thing in sight and calling it something else.  His LeapFrog school bus was a pizza the other day, and I regularly get served a bowl of blocks disguised as spaghetti.

Can Pottery Barn Really Throw Up??

Oh I wish it could…. in my house!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m currently catching up on my bloglines, and stumbled across this post from Jen at Cheaper than Therapy and words cannot express how much this post IS me, and is my life – thank you Jen for making me feel better about it with what you said at the end (this is assuming she reads my blog!!).

Did I tell you that on Halloween my sweet gonna-be-3-in-2-days year old put his head through the sheet rock in the time out corner????  That hole is now covered with DUCT TAPE!  Pottery Barn eat your heart out!!!!!!

Did I mention that the nearly $700 worth of portraits (when you pay that much they are no longer ‘pictures’) of Aiden hanging over our sofa are horribly NOT centered because said child was hanging on daddy’s leg while he was trying to put the nails in the wall, and the other child was discovering all the terribly noisy toys that we intentionally accidentally dropped behind said sofa.  I love and hate that off centered-ness on a daily basis.

Did I tell you that short of the “portraits” hanging in our playroom, the only pictures on the walls in our entire home are on nails/hooks  that were left by the previous owners.

Have I told you that on any given day there is at least one unfolded load of laundry somewhere in my home.  If I’m not expecting anyone, it’s generally on the dining room table so I’m forced to stare at it for most of the day as punishment for not tending to it.

My carpets have throw up stains (and we shampoo them too), my kitchen floor has a permanent spaghetti sauce stain on it right under the booster seat where James used to sit and where Aiden currently sits, my kitchen table, kitchen cabinets, coffee table, and all the window sills have dents, dings, and bite marks.

But……………………  I wouldn’t trade any of it for all the Pottery Barn in the world.   But if they wanted to offer me a few bits and pieces just to make sure I certainly wouldn’t turn it down!!!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday

“…So let me get this straight, YOU want the vacation home in Aruba?!?!?!?”

WhatIwantforchristmas.jpg picture by slcuster04

Gymnastics YAY!

He went to gymnastics yesterday without a problem!!!  We were in the car on our way, and I had fully intended to speak with the secretary to tell her that we wouldn’t be coming back (you have to give 30 days notice), and Mr. James was playing along saying that he was certainly NOT going to gymnastics.  Well when we turned on the street he said “right here mommy!” , and I agreed with him, and then he said, “James goes upside down with Miss Leslie”.  Hmmm…… so I figured we’d give it a shot.  He took his shoes off and marched right in.  GO JAMES!

He was a little spaced out, so I’m thinking that some of this odd behaviour may be due to a bad dream about gymnastics or something to that affect.  He was looking around the gym in certain spots almost like he was looking for something.   Crazy weird!

As far as the getting dressed issue, I think I may just have to grin and bear it until he resigns.  He keeps telling me “that’s mine” referring to his arms and legs while I’m trying to stuff them into clothes.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s a ‘self awareness’ type thing and he doesn’t want to be forced to do something that he doesn’t want to do.  ……either do I!

Thanks to everyone for their supportive comments.  I’ve been slowly turning grey over the past week and a half, and it’s nice and reassuring to know that everyone’s little ones (at this age) are experiencing some type of ‘change’.  And a huge thanks to Judy at TuffTurtle for her extremely helpful input.  I have to go grab her book, because I can certainly use any tools I can fill my head with – I’ve got another one coming right behind James and he’s had front row seats to this madness!   Thanks again everyone!!!!!

Did Anyone Miss Me???

0033.jpg picture by slcuster04I can’t remember the last time I blogged.  Holy moly!  Anyway, the reason I’ve been MIA is because right around Thanksgiving, something happened to my 2 year old.  Something bad.

Oh, what?  You want me to elaborate – seriously??  Are you sure??….. clutch your pearls, this may get ugly.

James got sick a few weeks ago, you already knew that.  We missed that week’s gymnastics class (Mondays) but no biggie, I don’t think he really noticed.  He started feeling better around Saturday and started in with these NASTY temper tantrums.  To the point where we started a log of what he was tantruming about and how often so that we could report to the pediatrician to figure out what happened what seemed like overnight.  For example, one day he refused to get dressed, eat, put shoes on, no jacket, leave the lights on, no dinner, and trouble at bedtime.  And by refuse I don’t mean a simple no, I mean throw himself on the floor or charge at me scratching and kicking at the mere mention of any of the above.  In order to get him dressed and into the car I had to put one leg in his pants and immediately put a tie shoe on so he couldn’t get his leg out and repeat on the other side then wrestle him into his jacket and immediately put him in his car seat so he couldn’t take it off.  Is getting a Christmas tree really worth it??  I was determined that this behaviour was not going to ruin traditions for the rest of the family.

Rather than looking at the whole issue, we started to go day by day, and that was still disasterous and then I started to focus on each task.  It was and still is exhausting.  He would tantrum at the mention of going to gymnastics, which he has loved up until now.  He would only wear one pair of pants and one pair of pajamas or the world came to an end, ugly times.  I had to duct tape his shoes on at one point (a million uses anyone?).  On my end, there were countless bruises, a bloody nose, a couple fat lips and a hugely bruised ego.  Where did I go wrong to cause this??  He was still polite, if you tried to reason with him he’d scream at you but he’d say “no thank you”.  I guess I can see a silver lining in there somewhere.

We are not through this by any means, I still walk on eggshells around him waiting for the next blow up.  Today we had trouble getting dressed.  But it wasn’t as violent on his part as it has been.  My husband has gotten the best results from him recently.  Saturday we had minimal tantrums, yesterday was not as good, but better than it has been in the past few days.  Today is shaping up to be acceptable as well with only the one issue while getting dressed.

I forgot to mention that when all these tantrums started like the flip of a switch, he stopped sleeping through the night, and he doesn’t go to bed very easy either.  We have him back to sleeping all night with the help of a TykeLight and some fabulous Handy Manny sheets, but I still have to “work” with him a bit to get to sleep at night – I sit on his bed and rock him and rub his back for a few minutes…..   I’m not complaining, I don’t mind – but still a huge change from our normal James.

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there in all the bloggy land has any clue beyond the horrible 3’s as to what may have happened????  I’m open for suggestions.  We have done the time outs among other things, but during a tantrum he is so tuned out that nothing seems to matter.  I don’t know if I can handle a year of this.  I guess 4 can’t come soon enough.  I can’t tell you how desperately I want my little boy back.

Oh did I mention he’ll be 3 on Friday – AAACKKK!!!!!!!!